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Re: Florida Championship Wrestling 89

Saturday night, “Battle of the Belts” Show opening/battle royal

Gordon Solie welcomes us to a sold-out stadium show in Orlando, Florida, as it’s time for the “Battle of the Belts” supershow. Title matches, the semifinals and finals in the Florida title tournament, a no-disqualification, falls count anywhere match, and a big battle royal are among the highlights tonight.

Gordon reminds us tonight’s show is being watched by 60,000 in the stadium as well as many more on pay-per-view and closed circuit television. He gives the complete rundown on the matches as the wrestlers in the battle royal begin to file down to the ring. Tonight’s battle royal has been changed to a 30-man event as so many wrestlers are after both the $25,000 prize and the Florida title shot next week on FCW television.

Several of the wrestlers are opening-card type talents and preliminary wrestlers, but also coming to the ring to either good cheers or boos are Wahoo McDaniel, Ron Bass, Rocky Johnson, Tony Atlas, Maniac Mark Lewin and other stars. None of the men in the battle royal are scheduled to compete in other matches tonight. Twenty-nine wrestlers await the final competitor and Sir Oliver Humperdink brings out the night’s first surprise-The One Man Gang!

Gordon said this was a surprise as he had a list of the competitors and the Gang was not on it, but you can never tell what to expect from Sir Oliver. Bill Mulkey, who had a one-week reign as Florida champ, was in the line-up but Gordon says somehow the Gang must have taken his place.

All men in the ring now and the faces and heels start squaring off immediately. Some of the early departures include Brett Sawyer, Mark Lewin (who injures a leg on the throw over by Tony Atlas), both Star Riders (by the One Man Gang), Teijo Khan and the Cuban Assassin.

Final ten men are Wahoo McDaniel, Brian Blair, Mike Graham, Tony Atlas, Bugsy McGraw, Tony Suber, One Man Gang, Black Bart, Bobby Jaggers, and Bad News Allan. Crowd favorite McGraw tears into the Gang but is casually flipped over the top. Gang takes care of Blair and Graham while other battles are taking place then finally gets into trouble with powerful Suber and Atlas combining to try and get him over. Black Bart, still believing in the traditional heels vs. faces battle royal philosophy, stops their efforts then the Gang rewards him for his help by throwing him over the top.

Tony Atlas and Bad News Allan both go over at the same time while fighting, leaving Wahoo, Gang and Jaggers. Jaggers doesn’t trust Gang after Bart was tossed but dislikes Wahoo more, so he agrees to doubleteam Wahoo. They pummel the Indian in the corner then Jaggers makes the mistake of turning his back and he too is thrown over by the Gang.

Now it’s just Wahoo McDaniel, who’s really been punished, vs. the 500 pound One Man Gang. Gang kicks and punches then charges into the corner for a splash-but misses! Crowd is into it now and Wahoo chops Gang over near the ropes but can’t get him over. Three straight chops to the head and Gang is leaning backward on the ropes. Wahoo takes off to the opposite ropes to build the momentum for a huge chop-But the top rope is pulled down by Teijo Khan, another of Humperdink’s men, who’d been hiding since being thrown over the top. Sir Oliver has referee Scrappy McGowan distracted and he can only see McDaniel lying out on the stadium grass, giving the Gang the win, the money and the Florida title shot.

Sir Oliver, Gang, and Khan stop at the announcer’s table to brag. Gordon remarks how it took three to get Wahoo over the top but Oliver says that’s ridiculous, it’s his genius and the Gang’s size and power. Gang yells and screams into the mic he was tired of the dancing and bein’ stupid (as Akeem in the WWF) and says he’s here to beat people up. Oliver adds tonight Bam Bam Bigelow takes the world title from Dusty Rhodes, next week the One Man Gang will win the Florida title and then Kareem Muhammad and Teijo Khan will start their drive for the tag team titles.
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