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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

PWG Death To All But Metal

Famous B Vs B-Boy

Sloppy in parts and not very good in others (that was seriously the worst bow and arrow submission I've ever seen being executed). It had its funny moments and got the crowd pumped for the event so it did everything expected of it, however, so there isn't much to fault. An above average performance for Famous B's singles debut in PWG with a loss that kept him looking strong, nonetheless.
Rating 2.75

TJ Perkins Vs Ryan Taylor

I went in not expecting much and that's exactly what I got. Below average in every sense of the word. It honestly does take a lot of skill to make the opening match mat-based flashiness dull and boring but they both did so here. TJP is absolutely terrible in executing submissions, too. He must have given Taylor a good inch of space during their headlock at the start of the match. So much for trying to make the move look believably dangerous.

Going on 10 minutes this is too long to be a piss break so I'd recommend trolling through your Facebook timeline while the two (TJP especially) take selling and psychology back a few notches. Flash without the reason - just yawn.
Rating: 1.5

Kevin Steen Vs Brian Cage-Taylor

No one expected Cage to win, and the story was not about that. It was all about entertaining the fans and putting Brian over as "being a fucking machine" (if I'm to steal Steen's words).

A beautifully told match where Steen had to become more calculated in his approach than what he's used to due to the monumentous power-disadvantage he gave up - keeping Cage grounded as he picked him apart in true hilarious style. Normally I'd be annoyed by the continuous crowd interaction but it actually helped cement Steen's cockiness and gave Brian ability to make his counter-attacks whenever Steen got too side-tracked by the fans.

Come for the wrestling, stay for the entertainment - dancing asians and all. If Ibushi/Omega gets points for being entertaining then this deserves a bucketload. Hilarious from start to finish.
Rating: 3.5+

Super Smash Brothers Vs The Young Bucks
In one sentence: "I can see what Capone meant, I'm absolutely bored out my HOLY FUCKING SHIT WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!"

Some boring moments and spots that were too obviously contrived but overall an amazing contest with one of the greatest finishing stretches in FOREVER. I literally marked out of my chair. I'm still so glad that PWG are giving a well-deserved push to the SSB because both this match and their DDT4 appearances show just how under-utilized and undervalued they truly are.

I'm not going to divulge anything about this match as I'd rather let it speak for itself. Bravo.
Rating: I'm undecided between a high-tier 4.25 or low-tier 4.5

Peter Avalon, Ray Rosas, & Joey Ryan vs. The RockNES Monsters & Candice LeRae

I can understand this being a filler-spot to give the crowd a chance to breathe again after the wild match before it but this was just plain bad. Too long and pointless.
Rating: 2

Michael Elgin Vs Willie Mack
It must have been a hard balance to strike for both men in doing this match. On the one hand you have the debut of Michael Elgin, a man who has had a strong showing in RoH of late, and Willie Mack who's on his way to a title match with Steen at the next show. But it was nailed equally with many control transitions that had the match's outcome in doubt the entire way through.

This was a rare treat (for me, at least) as the coming together of two big, talented men is few and far between on the Indy scene today. Jeez was Elgin an absolute animal with some of the deadlifts he pulled on Mack or what? Well worth the time and hopefully the start of more to come from Elgin in PWG.
Rating: 3.75

El Generico Vs Richochet

A blow-off to their "feud" that started in PWG two years ago with the words of excalibur doing more justice to this grudge match than I ever could: this was the match where Generico had to “face his mortality”.

I loved how they intertwined their backstory into this, with Richochet always staying one move ahead of Generico maintaining the words that he may just be a better reincarnation of the masked luchador. It's the little things that make me smile and reaffirm my endearment towards this sport. Add in some disgustingly sick neck bumps from Generico and great psychology from both workers and you have a match worthy of any promotion's main event spot. I'm just happy it ended where it all started.
Rating: 4.25

Overall: With two abysmal/below-average matches, one above average and four good to absolutely phenomenal matches this is probably the most mixed-bag of a performance that I've seen from PWG in recent memory. Despite this, though, you're still given two easy MOTYC that any fan should go out their way to see, a fun powerhouse brawl and the usual PWG humour and entertainment value (in spades, too, if you're to watch the Steen match). Comparing the price of WWE's DVDs and PPVs this is a real no-brainer as to how much value you're getting for your money. Go buy this AND Threemendous Three while you're at it.

Average star rating: 3.2
Show rating: 8/10 (must watch)

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