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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

Armageddon 2012

WWE Championship
Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins vs Zack Ryder

Dolph Ziggler has held the title for nearly seven months. John Cena has been by his side for every defense. These two have formed a bond that recently has almost been broken. A couple weeks ago Rollins beat Ziggler after Cena tried to distract him but ended up distracting Ziggler. Ziggler yelled at Cena and Cena seemed visibly upset, but he made up for it the next week when he attacked Ryder backstage. CM Punk was originally scheduled to be in this match but he checked into rehab. Can Ziggler overcome BOTH Rollins and Ryder?

World Heavyweight Championship
Cody Rhodes vs Randy Orton

Cody Rhodes cashed in his Money In the Bank at Survivor Series, a month ago, and won the World Title. The next week on Smackdown, Randy Orton won a triple threat match to become the Number 1 Contender. Randy Orton has been mentoring Rhodes for a long time and Rhodes finally broke through and they have been friends for a while. But put a title between two friends and how do they react? Neither of these guys are fan favorites, but it should still be one heck of a match.

Wade Barrett vs Justin Gabriel and Derrick Bateman

Wade Barrett is angry at Shane McMahon. Very much so. After Barrett lost his World Title at Survivor Series, McMahon didn't place him in a triple threat match to determine a new number one contender. This angered Barrett so much that he interfered in the triple threat and knocked both Gabriel and Bateman out. Barrett has been verbally abusing Shane McMahon so McMahon decided to put Barrett in a handicap match as a punishment.

#1 Contender for WWE Title
Daniel Bryan vs Kassius Ohno

These two have a distaste for each other. They have been fighting ever since Shawn Michaels had a talk with Daniel Bryan telling him to be more ruthless. Bryan has been more ruthless but he has been cheating more too, causing Ohno to get a little mad about this. The two will fight at Armageddon, with the winner challenging the WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble.

If Sheamus loses, he is fired. First Blood Match
Sheamus vs Kevin Steen

Sheamus can no longer fight for the World Title. He seems to have lost all direction thanks to Randy Orton and his goons. One of those goons was the Antichrist Kevin Steen. Sheamus and Steen had one of the most brutal brawls on Smackdown, causing Shane to book this match, where in if Sheamus loses, he is fired. Shane hopes to stop all mayhem on Smackdown by letting these two fight on PPV.

Intercontinental Championship
Antonio Cesaro vs Rey Mysterio

Cesaro just won the title a couple weeks ago after he beat Derrick Bateman for the title due to a Wade Barrett interference. In the past month Rey Mysterio had made Cesaro's life hell as he as beat him up backstage on multiple occasions. Which one of these international stars will take home the title?

United States Championship. Steel Cage
Kofi Kingston vs Dean Ambrose

Ambrose wants Kofi's belt. He has made that clear. These two have been brawling all over the RAW arena so Triple H decided to put them in a Cage at Armageddon. Who will walk out with the title?

WWE Tag Team Championships
The Briscoes vs Million Dollar Prodigies

Ted DiBiase and Tyson Kidd collectively known as the Million Dollar Prodigies won a triple threat tag at Survivor Series to earn this shot. They have been getting the upper hand on the Briscoes the past few weeks but the Briscoes are a very experienced team. Can their expereince overcome the seemingly better team?

World Tag Team Championships
American Perfection vs Skull-Buster Finale

These two teams will face off to crown the new World Tag Team titles that were reinstated by Triple H. American Perfection, Alex Riley and Jack Swagger has proclaimed themselves the best team in WWE. Are they truly? Miz and Trent Barretta may have something to say about that.[/align]

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