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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Night of Champions review
By the way Iím writing this review live as Iím reading it.

Opening video package - Great opening video package. I like how you also describe how the music was building up.

Match #1- Itís an interesting choice since usually you try to open up with a quick pace match. Justin King (aka the black pimp ref) that shit had me dying. I like how you had Kelly using her frustration of the crowd not liking her to take control of the match. Nice match which how you described it was a better match than most of the divas matches we have now. My guess here is that Kelly gets a rematch either tomorrow at RAW or at the HIAC PPV.

Another Video package- So you are keeping the Hell in a Cell PPV, I wonder which two or more combatants you are going to put inside the Cell. I my opinion you should only have one Cell match and it should be for the feud with the biggest fuel.

Match #2- Nice match with Cody using the mask in the end to win the match I smell a rematch on the horizon. Maybe with the stipulation that if Cody uses his mask he loses his title.

Backstage segment- Oh so I guess the rematch is not on the horizon. I call for Regal to win on Friday then Cody beats him in the championship match to add more credibility to him.

Match #3- I thought you could have gave these guys a little more time. But I guess since you have two six pack challenges matches on the card you need more time for them. I really hated Santino and Vladimir as a team but maybe you will do the right thing and take the titles away from them soon and disband their team.

Backstage segment- Mysterio pointing out the history of their rivalry. I would have had a huge Eddie chant instead but itís because I think he is the greatest. Punk telling them to not get in his way was a nice touch. I smell a screw job coming.

Match #4- Great match whom I thought should have been the opening match. Ziggler keeping the title is even better. Although I donít think this feud is over. The addition of Drew excites me, as he can add more heat towards Dolph since he will be helping him win matches.

One Question. Will you still have Rock/Cena vs. Miz/Truth? I guess we will find out.

Match #5- This must have been hard for you to write since there are too many people in the ring at once. Mark Henry winning caught me by surprise but I guess you are going to give him his monster push he got last year too.

Match #6- Quick fast pace match but I wouldnít expect any less from these two. Bryan winning is the right choice. I hope you actually have him cash in at WM like he was suppose too.

Match #7- Iím not going to lie you have Cena eliminated early caught me way of surprise. But I guess since you had Awesome Truth help eliminate him we are going to see the Survivor Series ME in your thread too. Del Rio winning wasnít really surprising although I wanted Punk to win. But him feuding with Nash is also great. Maybe you can do it right unlike the WWE who dropped the ball with this.

Overall great PPV and I will start following more. Good luck with your thread.

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