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Re: Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara can save the WWE Tag Team division.

Save the division? No, I'm not a big fan of put together tag teams, I prefer to more natural tag teams like The PTP, Usos, Colons...even Ziggler and Swagger seem like a proper fit. Every once in a while a DX, Rated RKO or JeriShow come along and are highly entertaining. JeriShow blended much better than expected, and were awesome, but in most cases I'd rather see younger less established talent start up in a tag team and work their way up.

IMO, the Miz was the last real guy to work himself up the traditional way. Albeit he was placed in a tag team with Morrison, but damn they made it work, then he worked his way through the midcard, then the world title picture. Of course he lost some steam and is back in the upper mid card, but he'll clearly work himself back to main events when the time's right.

Now, as for Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio as a team I'm for this, but not for the division, but for the superstars. Rey is too established to go the tag division normally, but I think it would be great for Sin Cara. Sin Cara didn't work himself up as Mexico's top draw for no reason, but he's clearly had problems working the WWE style. Mysterio is still one of the best worker's in the WWE and over the last fear years has had amazing matches with Ziggler, Punk, Jericho...ect. working an extended period time with Cara would do wonders for Sin Cara. Plus, Mysterio's on the last leg of his hall of fame worthy career and needs to try to avoid injury as much as possible so Sin Cara working larger portions of the match would help extend that.
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