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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

I just wanted to take this moment to address several things. First off, a formal apology to all who have followed and feedbacked for a while now, to whom I have not returned the favor. Truth be told, feedbacking actually burns me out a little bit and while I have been strapped for motivation/time all summer, it’s not a good combination. Still, even with university rearing its ugly head for another semester, I should do a bit better in the coming times. Even so, again, I apologize on my behalf for that.

Secondly, an apology of sorts to dear ol’ Melvis. I have made you an empty promise, dear boy. I promised the final round of the next King of the BTB Tourney would involve the two of us, but given current circumstances, I don’t think I’ll be competing in said Tourney (I could swerve on you and enter at the last minute tomorrow ). But you must uphold your crown, I suppose. So enjoy competing in your get-rich-quick schemes, you royal blight. Have fun competing with mediocrity while I shall hold this section high. So in retrospect, no, this isn’t an apology for a broken promise. It’s an apology because your seal of approval will mean nothing if not competing against the cream. You will take false pride in your abilities, and you will be consumed by the notion that the best has left you at the altar. And that is me, you King of the Midcard. #HeelKirby #NotBon

Thirdly, an air of congratulations to Stojy for getting his “dream job”, whatever it may be. For all we know, he may actually be a legitimate jobber now. The dwindling numbers of your appearances in this thread will surely be missed by me, as you provided a wondrous mindset for me to pick in regards to lots of things. For that, I thank you, but grumpy hog. I’ll be seeing you on WWE Superstars.

Oh, yeah. Some thread stuff in here too, I reckon, because despite all this (and my recent approval of other section-related activities ), this thread will not be put on hiatus…

Originally Posted by The Informer
~If one of AOW’s New Year’s Resolutions was to avoid legal trouble, they’ve already broken it. Word coming in just a few hours ago is that William Regal, who appeared in an online segment for AOW after being present at A Very Merry War, has gotten them into a little bit of trouble. Regal’s contract with the WWE isn’t up until February, but he appeared for another wrestling company before that contract expired without the consent of World Wrestling Entertainment. This has brought into light the WWE’s notion of referring their Superstars as ‘independent contractors’, which in a technical legal sense, would allow Regal to appear for anyone he so chooses, but of course, this is not the case. The term has been widely abused in the United States as a way for business to not have to pay taxes on employees. In sort of layman’s terms, the standing is basically that AOW has put the WWE in a compromising position in regards to Mr. Regal, but AOW itself is not exempt from facing a few charges of its own. In any case, the suspected individual AOW has signed directly off the WWE roster will likely be a spark that sets off a powder keg in regards to this (although, grated, I, The Informer, personally don’t believe Matt Hardy or John Morrison, the two top suspects, are nearly big enough for the ‘E to care). We’ll be keeping tabs on how this develops as a whole.

~In addition to those now possible legal issues, Paul Heyman’s standing with FX hasn’t gotten any better, especially after Heyman’s cheap shot at the station on the latest version of Oblivion. While we’ve presented the notion that the Offseason’s main objective is to mend ties between the two and get AOW back on television, it may be getting bleaker and bleaker by the week. Not counting AVMW, viewership was down in December, and the latest episode didn’t do much better, however, it should be noted that the Jericho/Danielson main event became the third highest viewed segment in the company’s non-Supershow history, behind only its pilot main event and the Finlay/Joe AOKO contest. The trouble is that neither side can agree on much for negotiations, one of the biggest roadblocks being that FX wants Oblivion to go back to being only 1-hour long.

~On that note, no recent developments in the running of said Offseason idea, although the 'feature OVW talent' notion may be gaining steam.

~In smaller grade, but just as bad, locker room news, Heyman isn’t pleased with how the RVD/Finlay angle has been handled. Heyman did not book the storyline himself and has gone on record saying that RVD is “not a character guy”, which is exactly the way he’s been booked the last month or so. Finlay appears to be very similar. In addition to Heyman not liking the direction, RVD isn’t in favor of it at all either. While the angle has given Van Dam time to get things together after declaring he was ‘burnt out’ from the WWE, the way it’s going isn’t doing him any favors, he sees.

Until next time friends, this has been The Informer…
I’ll be sure to post the actual AOW Newswire and next show preview together in coming days. ‘til then, show still open for feedback, I bid all thee adieu, and good luck to all in the Tourney. Except you, KingMelvis. You can burn


AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair
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