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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

PWG Death To All But Metal

Famous B vs. B-Boy: ***
Indy-tastic action right here. Really good opener and the PWG atmosphere helped this match substantially. The one spot that really irked me in this match is when B-Boy KILLS Famous B with a Falcon Arrow into the turnbuckle. I guess I should say SHOULD HAVE killed Famous B because he gets right up, though attempts to look groggy, and goes for a backslide. Thatís a move that I could have bought as the finish. That aside it was a little spotty all around but a fun match that got the people jazzed up.

Ryan Taylor vs. TJ Perkins: **3/4
While not as good as the opener this was another solid match. Not much else to say other than they were able to fit a lot of stuff into 10 minutes.

Kevin Steen vs. Brian Cage-Taylor: ***1/2
Such a perfect midcard title match. Steen was being his goofy PWG self for this one which was fine. He is essentially a God in Reseda so it wasnít like the fans were going to mutiny against him. If you can watch this match and say THE FUCKING MACHINE isnít ready to be a main event player I donít know what will get you to believe. In the early going when Cage catches Steen in midair I was hooked. He made it look like someone had just tossed him a bag of flower. Mix his strength with his incredible athleticism and you have all the tools of a great wrestler IMO. These guys didnít need to bust out the whole kit and caboodle like I think too many guys think they need to do. These guys didnít try to steal the show, yet worked a really nice veteran/rookie story, but I also feel like if they wanted to go all out and Steen was having less fun with the fans they could put on a MOTYC.

Super Smash Bros. vs. The Young Bucks(No DQ): ****1/2

Peter Avalon, Ray Rosas, & Joey Ryan vs. Candice LeRae & RockNES Monsters: **1/2
Has a healthy dose of sexual harassment. Hopefully the RockNES Monsters find a way back into awesome matches. That is all

Willie Mack vs. Michael Elgin: ***3/4
Michael Elgin is looking like one of the guys people think will be in the next crop of top independent wrestling and you can see why. His size and strength make him different than a ton of wrestlers and usually different is good, which is the case here. This is a battle of bigger gentlemen which is something that you donít get to see as much of on the independents. They worked it well and gives the card another different yet quality contest.

Ricochet vs. El Generico: ****1/4

OVERALL: This is the best show Iíve seen all year. No match was bad. Only two matches under 3 stars, a hot opener, nice little World Title match, an INSANE Tag Title match, a big man war, and two of the top wrestlers going at it in the Main Event. Even if the rest of the card was just ďOKĒ the show would be worth the $15 for the No DQ Tag Title Match. Watch this show ASAP. After seeing other peopleís reviews I had lofty expectations and I can say they have been met fully.
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