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Re: Wrestling Grand Prix™

Originally Posted by Whiterhyno333 View Post
I really enjoy the sport/MMA/Far East influence with a western flare. Putting American stars in an Asian style promotion is a very good concept that I had thought about doing years ago. I like your knowledge of MMA workers and how you seem to to pick the right ones to make the transition to pro wrestling. Its nice touch.

Your level of detail in regards to your history and explaining the concepts of the orginization, its titles, honors, tourneys, etc. was spot on and entertaining. The match descriptions and storyline angles aren't quite that good, but they aren't horrible. For instance, why was charlie Haas mad again? He hasn't really been mentioned and his temper tantrum had me a tad confused.

The Lesnar/Shamrock match was entertaining and I'm looking forward to see how you develope that angle in the future.
Thanks mate, I've been dying for some feedback [been too busy to return the favor around these parts, but looking to do so once I get my next show finished] so this is really appreciated.

I'm right there with you - there's not a lot going on right now, but I do ensure that will improve here in the future, especially in regards to the Lesnar/Shamrock feud which I have big plans for. As far as Haas is concerned, he's losing his cool over him and Shelton losing the straps at the PPV, but a little extra detail probably would have helped get that across better. Nevertheless, thanks for reading, I'll try my best to make it worthwhile.

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