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Re: WCW 2000: The New Blood

Incredible Nitro! this is exactly what WCW was missing from 1998-2001.

I think Shane Douglas will do just fine by himself, and it will be interesting to see how the four horseman deal with his "Selfish Revolution"

Bret Hart vs Chris Benoit just gives me chills. They didn't wrestle each other a lot, but when they did, it was always incredible.

I would have liked to see something like TNA did with Four-tune. Where Ric Flair is more the manager, but in 2000 he was still one of the best, if not THE best workers on WCW's roster. The reason I say that is that Chris Benoit was perfect in the Four Horsemen, and would be a great "leader" of the group, being Heavyweight Champion, Malenko and Saturn as the Tag Team, and Buff as the secondary singles guy/enforcer type. I think the push will be great for Buff, he was always on the verge of being great, but was apparently a big whiner.

Hogan as the President is a great idea! This way he is on screen, everyday, but isn't forced down our throats in matches, and he was still young enough to defend himself when its necessary.

Hopefully something great comes out of this Lex Luger/ Randy Savage thing, because both could (and should IMO) have been included in the World Title tourney. Shouldn't Luger have demanded a spot in that? If he want's some spotlight, that would be the way to go. And why didn't Hogan do anything about Douglas's tainted victory? Does he move on regardless? (not trying to be mean, just trying to help give you some direction and ideas)

I'm green as goose-shit at this, so I'm just trying to bounce some ideas off for you. I was going to use this time period (starting with 98 Starrcade though) as my BTB but went for present day because I wasn't really sure where to start with reshaping WCW at this time. You have some really good ideas, and I will be reading.


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