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Re: Most disturbing movie you've seen?

Originally Posted by Bubz View Post
I've seen every film mentioned in this thread and I don't really get affected in that way by films, but THIS takes the cake. The thing is, it's a fucking incredible piece of film making. You can take all your gore or torture porn movies, and exploitation flicks and fake snuff movies and none of them match this. Amazing film and it genuinely has a feeling of pure evil running through it right from the opening scenes. You don't see much gore or violence, it's all mostly implied apart from one scene, but that's what makes it so fucking great. I defy anyone to sit through it and not feel uncomfortable or disturbed. The scene with the dancing in slow motion really freaked me the fuck out. That's how good the film is, when a man dancing with a woman at a party becomes something genuinely disturbing or uncomfortable, that's a sign that the director (and actors) are doing an amazing job. The fact it's a true story adds to that aura. The one torture scene is the hardest it's ever been for me to watch something, ever.

Only ones that come close for me are Irreversible and Martyrs, but Martyrs is mostly just fucked up.
The torture scene left me cold, partly because of the stop / start nature of it all and also the tragedy of the guy having to relay that information for his recorded message. When he started begging for his own death I just fell a chill rush through me that I have never felt when watching the hundreds of horror movies that I've seen. Wolf Creek was based on true events too and is a very scary film but its violent scenes still felt cinematic and detached whereas that scene in Snowtown felt incredibly realistic. Must have been really weird experience having to act it out.

Like you say the film was a class above torture porn and the sort because it was invested in character and in showing how people continue to make the same mistakes, the mother falling for another psychopath, the son becoming another passive victim to someone more powerful etc. I also like how the narrative teased you at first by making you sort of half agree with the ethos of the villain to eliminate scum only for it to escalate with the guy emerging as a bigger scum than the rest of his victims combined.

Yeah it left a sour taste, but I was still able to appreciate the artistry in between feeling nauseous.

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