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Re: Most disturbing movie you've seen?

Originally Posted by VladMan2012 View Post
"The Human Centipede" will haunt me forever. Haven't gotten around the sequel but I'm probably too terrified to, I hear it's even more graphic than the first...
Originally Posted by TripleG View Post
I never saw The Human Centipede films, but I've talked to people that have.

I've been told that the first film is actually hilarious. It was described to me as a cliche bad horror movie with an over the top villain, a ridiculous premise and is downright silly rather than the horrifying & sick film one might expect.

On the flip side, I've been told that the second film is every bit as bad as one probably imagined the first film would be times about 10. I talked to one person who said that he vomited while watching it.
The first one isn't that graphic at all. Everything is implied and you don't really see anything. The most graphic scene I think (from a pretty shit memory) is the bit where the head of the centipede dude cuts his own throat. The mouth to anus joins are all covered with bandages. The second film, however, shows you everything.

The first film could have been interesting as a premise, though I don't think it delivered very well. The second one is just the shittest film I have ever seen. There was absolutely no point in making it.

Only bother with the second one if you want a frame of reference for the worst film ever made by anyone.

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