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Re: WCW 2000: The New Blood

WCW Monday Nitro
Bi-Lo Center, Greenville SC
January 3, 2000

Nitro kicks off with the opening theme featuring the Nitro Girls and the WCW Nitro Logo.

Tony and Bobby Heenan welcome fans to the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville as the first Nitro of the new millennium kicks off.

ďVoodoo ChildĒ plays and Hollywood Hulk Hogan comes out wearing a black suit and a red shirt with his Yellow Hulkamania bandanna. Hogan gets a great reaction from the crowd as he climbs into the ring and prepares his inaugural speech as President of WCW.

Hulk: Whatís up Hulkamaniacs! WCW is now in the year 2000 with a brand new direction brother. With Hollywood Hulk Hogan as the new sheriff in town, things around here are going to start changing brother. When I was asked to take this job, the executives at Turner wanted to be quite clear with me; as long as Iím the muscle behind the new WCW Iím not able to step into this ring and compete. Thatís alright though brother because WCW is now about making changes that will protect this company moving forward. We recently got rid of a lot of dead weight backstage, but thereís still a lot to do to keep this company at the top of the world brother. Tonight is a whole new beginning with brand new champions in WCW and a different attitude brother so first off I want to call out the new WCW Heavyweight Champion of the World, Chris Benoit.

The Crippler Chris Benoit comes out with the WCW Heavyweight Championship around his shoulder as he walks to the ring. Benoit is joined by Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn but there is no sign of Shane Douglas, Ric Flair, or Buff Bagwell. The three of them get in the ring and shake Hoganís hand.

Hulk: Listen Chris, I know how youíre feeling right now brother. Youíre on cloud nine as the new WCW Champion and I am proud to say that you are the Champion of the World brother. Now that being said, there is a lot of competition around WCW who are just waiting of the chance to jump into no manís land and take you out brother.

Chris is handed a microphone and addresses the President of WCW.

Chris: First off I want to say thank you Hulk for putting me in the position of being the flag bearer for World Championship Wrestling. I had no idea when I arrived at Starrcade that I would have the opportunity to walk out the New WCW World Heavyweight Champion. That is a moment I will cherish for the rest of my life. Tonight weíre down to business here in WCW. This is a new year, a new Millennium and I am the New Champion.

Hulk: Thatís the fight thatís going to take WCW and you to a whole new level brother. Tonight is going to be a completely different night for WCW brother. Weíre supposed to be gearing up for Souled Out this week, but with the scheduling changes weíre now looking towards Superbrawl 2000. Tonight weíre going to start an 8 man tournament to determine who will wrestle you for the WCW Heavyweight Championship at Superbrawl Brother.

Hogan is interrupted by Bret Hart, Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, Ron Harris, and Don Harris.

Bret: Excuse me for just one second Hulk, let me get this straight...BROTHER! Youíre telling me that I donít even get my chance to regain my WCW World Title? There shouldnít be a tournament because that belt belongs to me. I was screwed once again.

Hulk: Let me just let you in on a secret here Bret Hart, WCW is no longer controlled by the manipulative Powers that Be. The prima donnas of the back are out and Iím in brother.

Bret: Thatís rich coming from you Hulk. If you had your way you would have walked out of Starrcade with that belt. Everyone knows you donít job to nobody.

Hulk: Chris Benoit is every bit as deserving as any other wrestler in the back brother. And if you want a war dude, then youíre going to get one brother.

Bret: Oh thereís going to be a war Hulk. Here, allow me to introduce the Powers That Be...

Vince Russo comes out to the entrance and joins Bret Hart and the rest of the team.

Vince: Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Vince Russo and I am your worst nightmare. These guys here, they are the Creative Control around here and Hulk, I just want you to know that Iím extremely pissed off with you.

Hulk: Thatís great Vince. You know Iíve already bodyslammed one guy in this industry named Vince and he was a much bigger guy than you brother. You step one foot in my ring and Iíll kick your ass.

Vince: The Creative Control is going to take back the control of WCW and then youíre going to be out of a job Hulk. Bret Hart wants a match, and I want to give him that match.

Hulk: Thatís not going to happen Vince...

Chris Benoit cuts Hogan off.

Chris: Hulk, Iím alright with Bret wanting his rematch tonight. He wants to wrestle me Iím going to take his challenge, but under one condition.

Hulk: Whatís that brother?

Chris: This will be Bretís last shot at my title and it will happen inside a steel cage!

Hogan waits for a moment as the fans cheer for the announcement.

Hulk: You want it brother, then itís on. Chris Benoit and Bret Hart for the WCW Heavyweight Championship inside a Steel Cage. Weíre going to take WCW to a whole new level brother.

ďVoodoo ChildĒ plays again as Hogan taunts Creative Control to come down to the ring.


A limousine pulls up outside the arena and the Nature Boy Ric Flair emerges. Fans in Greenville erupt when they see Flair enter the building.

WCW Nitro returns with the first match in the WCW World Title Contenderís Tournament.

WCW World Title Contenderís Tournament
Diamond Dallas Page vs. Chris Kanyon

DDP and Kanyon lock up in the opening contest for WCW Nitro. Kanyon puts up a great fight early on in the match, but DDP battles back and drops Kanyon with a clothesline. Page covers Kanyon for a near fall then continues to beat down his opponent. Kanyon slaps a sleeper on Page, but Page fights out with a side slam. Page nails a Diamond Cutter out of nowhere and covers Kanyon for the pin.
DDP Wins via pinfall at 3:33

DDP poses for the fans before leaving the ring.

Tony and Bobby Heenan hype up tonightís show with the Main Event being between Chris Benoit and Bret Hart inside a Steel Cage.

Ric Flair is backstage looking for Hogan before being directed toward his office.

In the locker room, Shane Douglas approaches Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn regarding their turn on him at Starrcade. Malenko informs Douglas that he doesnít take well to people pushing him around and ordering him around like a child. Douglas talks about how heís all about making an impact in WCW and without Benoit, Malenko, and Saturn there is no Revolution. Malenko tells Douglas that Revolution was never about the team, it was always about Douglasí agenda. Douglas storms out of the locker room.


Ric Flair is shown entering the office of the new WCW President, Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

Ric: I still cannot believe that after all this time you and I would be on the same page Hulk.

Flair extends his hand and Hogan accepts.

Hulk: You and I have come a long way brother. Now itís time to put WCW on a whole new level and with Chris Benoit the World Champion, I think we can do that now brother.

Flair: What do you have in mind?

Hulk: Well Ric, if there is one thing I know itís that WCW has a new fight with Creative Control now, and when you add in the fighting between Revolution, and Sting/Savage/Luger, thereís not much right now that can control Creative Control. If we arenít careful brother, theyíre going to take over once again. I think itís time we see the return of Tradition Brother!

Flair: When you say tradition what are you referring to?

Hulk extends his right hand and shows 4 fingers. Flair smiles then leaves the office.

Inside the arena, David Penzer introduces the next contest for WCW Nitro.

Harlem Heat w. Midnight vs. Creative Control
Stevie Ray kicks off the contest against Ron Harris. The two collide in a power struggle during the opening moments of the match. Soon Stevie Ray gets the better of Ron and backs him into Harlem Heatís corner. Booker and Stevie Ray make quick tags in to keep the fresh man in and Ron Harris isolated. Heat beats down Ron before Booker slams him to the canvas. Booker follows through with and Harlem Hangover and attempts to cover Ron for the pin. Don Harris gets involved by breaking up the pin. The match continues to go back and forth between Heat and Creative Control. A brawl between both teams breaks out inside the ring. With all hell breaking loose Booker is left with Don while Ron and Stevie Ray are fighting outside the ring. Booker hits the Bookend on Don and covers him for the 1...2...3.
Harlem Heat Wins via pinfall at 5:42

Bookerís hand is raised in victory following the contest as Stevie Ray gets back in the ring.

Backstage, The Mamalukes have an encounter with Disco Inferno which leads to the Tag Team Champions beating down on Disco. Alex Wright makes the save for Disco and the Mamalukes retreat.


Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner arrives in the arena and enters Hulk Hoganís locker room. Steiner and Hogan shake hands and the Hulkster addresses the fact that Steiner retired from WCW. Hogan urges the Genetic Freak to come out of retirement and promises that all of his dreams will become reality if he stuck by Hogan. Steiner tells Hogan he will take it under consideration.

WCW World Title Contenderís Tournament
Macho Man Randy Savage vs. The Franchise Shane Douglas

The Franchise Shane Douglas waits for Savage to come out to the ring. Pomp and Circumstance plays and the Macho Man is nowhere to be found. Douglas and referee Charles Robinson are wondering whatís going on. They wait a bit and Savageís theme plays again, but Savage still isnít showing up. The Franchise orders the referee to start the count. Robinson counts to 10 and Savage isnít out.
Shane Douglas Wins via count-out at 2:12

The Franchise is handed the microphone.

Shane: I have finally come to realize that if I want to succeed in this company, itís time for the Franchise to think about himself. Itís now time for the Selfish Revolution to begin, and I donít care if youíre Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn, or Chris Benoit, youíre ass is going to be served to you on a silver platter. I am the Franchise Shane Douglas and the leader of the Selfish Revolution. I will win this tournament and beat Chris Benoit at Superbrawl to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

Douglas puts the microphone down and starts to head to the back when cameras pan backstage.

Lex Luger is shown beating down the Macho Man backstage with a led pipe while Elizabeth is screaming in the background. Luger slams Savage up against the well then nails him with the pipe. Savage attempts to fight back and get away, but Luger is relentless in his assault. The Total Package repeatedly jabs the pipe in the midsection of Savage before slamming him through a table. Elizabeth attempts to stop Luger, but is nailed with the led pipe and is knocked out. Luger pulls Savage up and chokes him out with the led pipe. Finally security makes it to the backstage and pulls Luger away.


Evan Karagias vs. Rey Mysterio
Mysterio comes out to the ring for his cruiserweight match against the former Cruiserweight Champion, Evan Karagais. Mysterio is beat down by Evan in the opening moments of the match, but makes a comeback after hitting a spin kick. Mysterio dives off the ropes with a moonsault on Evan and covers him for a near fall. Midway through the match, Vampiro makes his way down to the ring and grabs a chair to sit at while watching the action. Mysterio follows through with a hurricanrana on Evan and attempts another pin, but the former champion manages to get his shoulder up. They continue back and forth in the ring. Mysterio is about to go for West Coast Pop off the top rope when he is nailed in the back by the steel chair by Vampiro. Evan covers Mysterio for a 1...2...3.
Evan Karagias Wins via pinfall at 4:32

Vampiro gets in the ring following the match with his Steel Chair. He cracks the chair across the face of Mysterio, breaking the nose of the most decorated Cruiserweight in WCW. Vampiro raises the chair high in the ring before heading back to the locker room.

Backstage, Hollywood Hogan is shown with the EMTs as they help Savage and Elizabeth backstage. Hogan says itís time to take care of Luger.


ďVoodoo ChildĒ plays again as Hollywood Hogan comes out to the ring. Hogan gets a huge pop from the crowd in Greenville, but he is one a mission.

Hulk: Luger, get your ass out here right now!

Luger comes out to the ring with his led pipe.

Hulk: What the hell do you think youíre up to by attacking the Macho Man and Elizabeth tonight?

Lex: Iím sick and tired of being pushed aside in favour of all you old dogs. Iíve always been in the background while you, Savage, Flair, and Sting have been the leaders in WCW. Iím sick and tired of losing out to you guys. WCW is about rebranding and reenergizing this industry. Well Iím starting tonight. Iíve taken out Savage, and Iíll take everyone else out until Iím the biggest name in this sport.

Hulk: Just because you think you deserve a shot doesnít mean anything. Youíve got to earn your shot around here. So Iím going to give you that shot to earn. Next week on Nitro itís Sting and Luger one on one brother.

Lex: Thatís already been done Hulk.

Hulk: I donít care jack, Next Monday you and STING, and on February 20, 2000 in the Cow Palace in San Francisco when we get together for Superbrawl 2000, itís going to be Lex Luger and Randy Savage in a Steel Cage Match brother!!!!

Lex: Iíll take Sting out, then Savage, and then Iím coming for you Hulk!

Hulk: Get the hell out of my ring!

ďVoodoo ChildĒ plays again as Luger is about to leave. Hogan turns to look at the fans when the Total Package blindsides him with the led pipe to the side of Hollywoodís head. The lights go out in the arena and the Stinger descends from the rafters. Luger backs off as Sting points at him with his baseball bat.

A split screen shows Bret Hart and Chris Benoit heading out to the ring for the World Heavyweight Championship Match.


A video recap is shown from before the break with Luger attacking Hollywood and Sting coming out to his aid.

Backstage, Hulk is being looked at and is busted open. He promises to unleash hell on Thunder this week.

Another video package shows the history between Bret Hart and Chris Benoit leading into their match coming up next.

Michael Buffer stands in the middle of the Steel Cage to make the formal announcement for tonightís Main Event.

Main Event
Steel Cage Match
WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Benoit (c) vs. Bret Hart

The World Champion comes down to the ring with a huge pyro display and is received well by the fans in Greenville. A ďFour HorsemenĒ chant is prominent throughout the contest between two of WCW finest athletes. Benoit and Hart wrestle back and forth in yet another classic contest. Hart is more aggressive in the contest as he works on Benoit around the ring. Benoit is slammed into the cage repeatedly and is soon busted open. Benoit retaliates with a series of German Suplexes that send the Hit Man to the canvas repreatedly. Benoit climbs the top of the cage and dives off with a huge head butt off the top of the cage, nailing its mark on the challenger. Benoit attempts to leave the cage through the door, but Bret grabs him and brings him back in. The match continues through a commercial break with Bret starting to work on the leg of Benoit. Hart still very aggressive throughout the match as Nitro returns from break. The Hit Man slaps the sharpshooter on Benoit, knowing that the only way to win is to escape the cage. The rest of Creative Control come down to the ring as Nash, Jarrett, Ron, Don, and Vince Russo all cheer on Bret Hart. The challenger is about to get out of the cage when Benoit pulls him back in from the trunks. Benoit scoop slams Bret to the canvas. Creative Control attempts to get involved in the match but Flair, Malenko, Saturn, and Bagwell fight them off. Benoit starts climbing the cage to escape. By the time Benoit gets to the top Bret gets up and starts bee lining it for the door. Theyíre both neck and neck as the brawl continues out on the floor. Benoit sees how close Hart is to exiting and immediately drops down the rest of the cage to hit the floor first.
Chris Benoit Wins via escape at 13:56 to retain the WCW Heavyweight Championship of the World

The brawl continues on the floor before Benoit and Hart join in. Flair, Benoit, Malenko, Saturn, and Bagwell get the better of Creative Control. They bring the fight in the ring with Flair and Jarrett inside fighting. Flair slaps the Figure Four on Jarrett as Creative Control retreat to the back. Flairís team gets in the ring. Flair lets go of the hold and they throw Jarrett out of the ring. Flair picks up a microphone.

Ric: You want to mess with someone, mess with this... Diamonds are Forever and so are the Four Horsemen! WOOOOOO

The Four Horsemen theme plays once again as the five men raise their four fingers high.

World Championship Wrestling
Superbrawl X
Cow Palace, San Francisco CA

WCW Heavyweight Championship of the World
Chris Benoit (c) vs. No. 1 Contender

Steel Cage Match
Total Package Lex Luger vs. Macho Man Randy Savage w. Miss Elizabeth

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