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Re: Is Anark Ruining Rants?

Originally Posted by Anark View Post
Another one of these. Okay, I'll answer my accusers.

The arrogant Saviour thing is indeed a gimmick, but I didn't choose it. It was shoved in my face in an attempt to embarrass me but I took it and ran with it. It's just a joke, and does not exist beyond Rants.

Yes, Shutupchico, I am a Grammar Nazi. This is a written medium we are communicating in. We can't hear tones of voice, see facial expressions or hand gestures. All you have is your words. If your words are disjointed and poorly arranged, then so are you.

As for Walls saying I think I'm more intelligent than I am, maybe that's true. But we smell our own, Walls. We smell our own.

I can take a break from Rants, that's fine. It's just a section I enjoy because my natural inclination is to make smart-arse comments to everything, which obviously doesn't go down so well in the other sections. I'll stay away though so Rants can return to its former glory of people calling each other retards and virgins.
that cockiness vanished pretty fast, didn't it? a few people vote yes, and you're already halfway out the door. like i told ya in the cunt thread, i knew it wouldn't take much for u to break, that u were a coward at heart. didn't think you'd show it already though. i feel bad for u at this point, i won't even say anything else.
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