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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW Review

Definitely loved that Ted DiBiase made his return from suspension and that he had to face his old rival The Undertaker in order to earn his place in the Royal Rumble, and Ted being so cocky and arrogant about it, he reminds me so much of his father The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase Sr. but also he reminds me of a young, cocky arrogant Randy Orton when Orton was a part of Evolution

Miz & Ryder's attack, loved every second of it and also their match too with Team Omega and Miz & Ryder getting the win, they have potential as a tag team but also could have potential as singles stars in the future

Ezekiel Jackson vs Kofi Kingston was a great match but definitely loving the family feud between Jay Lethal and Kofi Kingston, interesting that you would make them brothers, so who is the older brother and who is the little brother in this storyline? Either way I want to see these 2 brothers go at it and at the Royal Rumble too makes it all the more exciting

Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig their segment with Bischoff, definitely loved it, but I want to see them form a New Legacy stable with Rhodes as the leader, Joe Hennig as the 2nd member of this group, and you can have 2 more new guys come into this group, that being Husky Harris as the 3rd member being the enforcer/muscle of the group being Husky is a 3rd generation superstar since he is the son of IRS and the grandson of Blackjack Mulligan and his uncle is Barry Windham so he comes from a great wrestling lineage and the 4th member of the New Legacy can be Reid Flair 2nd generation superstar the son of the Nature Boy Ric Flair (New Legacy= Rhodes, Hennig, Harris and Flair)

Melina's segment, that I could care less about but I loved Kong making her presence felt only for Kelly and Gail to make the save

Triple H having to defend his WWE Championship in the Royal Rumble match, that is great, the first time this is happening since 1992 where the WWE Title will be defended in the Royal Rumble match but Triple H having to defend his title as the #1 entrant, I love it because so many men are going to be gunning for Triple H in the match as he is going to be the marked man coming in

The tag match I liked that too but I definitely loved the Colons teasing Cody and Joe too

Tension amongst HBK and Big Show because both men want to win the Royal Rumble and both men want to win the WWE Title by winning the Rumble

Awesome match between DiBiase and Taker, and then Sheamus making his presence felt by attacking Taker, hopefully you are setting up towards Sheamus vs Taker at WrestleMania 25, because Sheamus he would make a great Streak opponent for Taker

Triple H attacking his own partner Jericho just goes to show you how desperate Triple H really is especially if he could attack Jericho with the sledgehammer and then using it on Big Show and then my man Randy Orton making his shocking return laying out HHH with an RKO and then Orton staring down HBK to end the show, loved it!!!!!!

Watch at the Royal Rumble, it will be HHH vs. 29 other guys, because the 29 other men are going to be gunning for him the whole match trying to eliminate him

That is why I can't wait until your Royal Rumble pay per view because of the actual Royal Rumble match because it is going to be so star-studded and not to mention the WWE Championship is also on the line in that match, and then you have Cena/Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship in a One Fall to a Finish, this is going to be one great PPV, that's for sure

And hopefully in this Royal Rumble match we get to see some real surprise entrants like Kevin Nash, Vader, Batista even as a real shocker, or even Brock Lesnar or even Goldberg or Christian making a shocking return to WWE or even Sycho Sid or Road Dogg or even The Rock
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