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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Rock316AE View Post
Just watched the finishers DVD, horrible positions as usual but decent list in the content.

They had some ridiculous things like saying that Edge was like the pioneer or had the best Spear or something. Then for Goldberg they showed only his Jackhammer to not expose their stupidity from the previous slots. Also said that no finisher got a crowd reaction like the Stunner, nothing was more over than the People's Elbow. I can agree with the Stunner as number 1 but their stupid explanations like "you can hit it from every position"(which is not true at all)or "he beat everybody with it" just seems desperate to put Austin there. Besides the annoying voiceover before every number, decent DVD.
Those lists wouldnt be so damn boring if people debated where certain things should be on the list. One of my favorite shows is NFL Top Ten because people who they get to talk about the list debate about who should be in which spot. But of course in WWE's mind "Were always right!" Even when they have completely asinine spots on the list (Tebow being ahead of Marcus Allen on a list of top heismann winners in the NFL) they show everyone debating the spot. It's not a dick-suckingfest like it is in WWE DVDs, that's why this forum is great, we all have different opinions and it's interesting to here other people's opinions (at least when they're argued well and not just morons saying " DANIEL BRYAN SUX!!!"
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