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Re: Wrestling Grand Prix™

- Jan. 25th, 2012
Anaheim, California - Honda Center

~ A video begins tonight's production with an in-depth look into the finish of the Triangle tag team match for the WGPX World Tag Team Championships, where the team of Mi Rai [CIMA and KENTA] came out victorious with a very crafty Superkick / Go 2 Sleep combination finisher.

~ The normal Cyberstrike video package now cuts over the feed before it, ensuring us what we all already knew - it's time.

~ The always engaging tandem of William Regal and Don West are on hand to welcome us to tonight's festivities, live, available only to paying Netflix and Youtube subscribers. West reminds us that tonight's main event will feature Nigel McGuinness defending his WGPX Pure Championship against the likes of TAKA Michinoku...

MATCH #1 - KENTA w/ CIMA vs. Bulldog Hart w/ Stampede Kid

KENTA offers up a handshake, but the 'dog wants none of it, as he quickly grapples one half of the tag team champions a long the shoulders. Hart soon makes it a test of strength and will as he throws Kobayashi all over the ring. Unfortunately, Bulldog Hart becomes lax in his offensive, missing his millionth clothesline before KENTA greets him with a beautiful Busaiku Knee Kick. Hart, dazed and all sorts of confused, practically collapses against the turnbuckle. KENTA catches him for a schoolboy pin, but Stampede Kick! The little scamp grabs a hold of Hart's foot [without our referee doing his job and seeing anything whatsoever] placing it on top of the rope, subsequently breaking the pin! KENTA runs to the other side of the ring, he's going for some form of a plancha! NO! BIG BOOT from Bulldog Hart! Hart makes the cover, pressing the heel of his right boot squarely down on the chest of KENTA.. and he gets the three!
Result ~ Bulldog Hart wins via pin w/ Big Boot
Time ~ 5:23

~ CIMA chases into the ring, Hart's got him by the throat! He throws him like a rag doll into the corner! Hart's approaching.. he's going for the Camel Clutch! The ref's trying to stop him, CIMA with an elbow - SCHWEIN STEINER!!! The crowd's going nuts! CIMA slides out of the ring, dragging out the belts, and, eventually, his tag team partner.

~ We cut back to the locker rooms where World's Greatest Tag Team are sitting in frustration. Haas punches a locker door, revealing to Benjamin that he doesn't sit well with losing, particularly in the fashion reminiscent of last night's show. Haas says it's up to Benjamin tonight to prove that WGTT still has what it takes, apparently signalling that Shelton will be active in the ring soon. He nods his head, pats Charlies' shoulder then exits the room.

~ There's a quick commercial featuring an advertisement for Grand Prix's next upcoming PPV, WGPX PRIDE & GLORY. 12 men will compete in the Pride & Glory Series which will conclude at this very event, the final 4 competing against one another in the night's main event for the right to choose any champion of their choosing.

MATCH #2 - Shelton Benjamin vs. Toru Yano

Regal puts over Benjamin, commenting that he's one of the hardest workers in the business today, as West mentions of Yano's roots in New Japan Pro Wrestling. The referee asks both men to hit hands [as is customary] but neither man budges. After a fairly long amount of grappling and trading reversals to dictate the pace of the contest, Yano finally shoots for a leg hook. Benjamin keeps his guard up front, catches Yano by the shoulders, then lands an Arm Trap Backbreaker. Shelton pulls him back up, whips him into the corner - Stinger Splash! The crowd pops as Benjamin stomps his foot to the mat, SUPERKICK - No! URAGASUMI! Yano with the cover! But Shelton gets the shoulder up! Yano lifts him up for the Canadian Backbreaker Rake! One! TWO! Benjamin slips off! Yano turns around - SUPERKICK! Shelton with a Belly to Belly Suplex for good measure... hooks the leg for a three to much applause from this ramped up audience in Anaheim!

~ Shelton Benjamin wins via pin w/ Superkick
Time ~ 6:02

~ After a quick celebration from Shelton Benjamin, both Regal and West inform us that we're taking a quick break for some much needed advertising.

~ A vignette airs hyping up the Chris Jericho / Hiroshi Tanahashi match that will take place this Saturday on Grand Prix TV. Both competitors are interviewed, asked about their respective intentions going into the contest. Jericho says he has to prove that his win at Millenium Battle wasn't just a fluke, and that he's the real deal. Tanahashi speaks in his native Japanese, as subtitles appear on the screen relaying his message that last Sunday, Kurt Angle got the better of him, but he's still a warrior to be feared within the squared circle.

~ Cody Rhodes conducts a backstage interview with David Penzer, gloating about how his win last night against Akira Tozawa absolutely stole the show. Rhodes told Penzer what he had to do before the match, and that's exactly what the young man did.

~ William Regal and Don West welcome us back, reminding us that this will be the main event for tonight's show, before also remind us that McGuinness has gone almost a month without defending his WGPX Pure Championship.

MAIN EVENT - Nigel McGuinness © vs. TAKA Michinoku
- Pure Championship

Before the bell rings, our referee brings McGuinness and Michinoku to the center in a sign of sportsmanship. Nigel withdrawals his title, hands it over to the referee.. before landing a closed-fist punch to the head of TAKA! The ref tosses the belt to the side, signals for the bell! Regal comments on how crafty Nigel's move was, reminding our viewers that closed-fist punches are illegal in a Pure Wrestling match (aside from a first punch warning.) Michinoku is taken back, thrown up against the ropes as Nigel connects with a series of chops and knee lifts to the midsection! TAKA is obviously taken off guard, and this works to the advantage of McGuinness, as he continues working Michinoku down. Hammerlock into an STO! Michinoku exhausts his first rope break, the ref motioning for Nigel to break the hold.

The champion proceeds to work down TAKA further with a series of slams and various holds, until motioning for TAKA to stand back up.. JAWBREAKER LARIAT! McGuinness hooks the leg! NO! Michinoku uses another rope break! Nigel is in disbelief, his eyes are growing bigger. He rolls Michinoku up for the London Dungeon, he applies the leg grapevine.. but Michinoku rolls out and reverses with the HEAVY KILLER #1! Here comes the Rana Pin! McGUINESS ROLLS OUT! Cross chop to the throat! Michinoku turns around, clutching at his wind pipe as the champion bends down to his knees.. Shoot kick to the back of TAKA's head, sending him crashing into the turnbuckle.. Downward Lariat to the back of his neck! McGuinness pulls TAKA up for a front suplex.. no, he's trapping his legs up against the ropes.. McGuinness with the TOWER OF LONDON!!!

COUNTER! TAKA grabs McGuinness by the arm, forcing him to the ground.. JUST FACELOCK!!! The crowd's on their feet, McGuinness is trying to push his foot back onto the rope, but he can't reach it! His eyes are growing tighter, arm extended out as he tries his hardest not to tap..... but he does! We have a new champion, ladies and gentlemen! WOW!
Result ~ TAKA Michinoku wins via submission w/ a Just Facelock
Time ~ 12:39

~ The audience is going wild here in the Honda Center, as we just crowned a NEW, WGPX Pure Champion! The referee quickly grabs that same title he had chucked from the side of the ring into the hands of Michinoku, who couldn't be happier. Finally, William Regal and Don West wish us goodnight, our show coming to a conclusion as we take a close-up shot of TAKA proudly holding up the title for all to see!

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