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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

JAM's Review

Eerie is definitely the word to describe the opening to RAW this week. Like I've said in previous reviews before, I'm a big fan of different openings to RAW and this was one of them. I said before that I was tired of Punk/Kane but maybe you can do something else with so I'm looking forward to that. You sold it well with the announce team not really getting much words in, that was a nice touch.

Big fan of Cryme Tyme! They never really got to blossom in the real WWE so I'm glad they're the champions but then again, it may have been to early for Miz/Jericho to lose the titles? I don't know but I'm sure you have something planned for them so I'm not all that worried. I will say that when the ref saw Morrison, I thought he would've DQ'd Cryme Tyme since it seems that Morrison made contact with Miz, which he did actually, so yeah, a little confusing on that part but overall, was a good but surprising win for Cryme Tyme. And their challengers seem to be made with that segment, can't say I don't like it, love it actually!

What HHH had to say was good but the response coming from Legacy was even better. I felt like you used Triple H really well in this segment. Not only did you give off a rub to Legacy but you did a great job in giving the ultimate rub to Kofi Kingston. Also, what Legacy had to say was spot on as well, typical Orton henchmen here. Glad that you didn't have Orton interrupt and have Legacy do it instead. Really good segment and their match later on should be great as well.

I always enjoyed the times when Orton punted people, the crowd always gave him massive heat for that. I agree with TWG that it was interesting you had Goldust as Orton's opponent here. It may be nothing but it could be the seeds planted for later on where you have Legacy break up, this would give Cody reason to get revenge on Orton. Very interesting I must say, good job with this one.

Whenever you have divas such as Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, and Melina wrapped in your main storyline for the division, you'll always have a great match. You've definitely chosen the right people to spearhead the division which is great. You did everything right with playing up Beth's frustrations which resulted in her loss but you didn't make her lose steam as she got revenge but Mickie came out on top. Good booking on your part here man.

Regal will be doing wonders for the duo of Nigel and Drew. Rey is the perfect person for their first feud, even if it's mostly Regal who will have the prize if he defeats Rey. The numbers game was the perfect booking strategy here against Rey and you did it quite well yet again. The brass knucks was a good touch again to claim victory for Team Regal. This feud can go nowhere but up man, it's been great so far.

Ha, kharma's a mutha for Miz and Jericho. Really likin' Flair as your GM btw, good choice. I do hope that you reveal what you have planned for Jericho and Miz soon. It'll be cool to Miz and Jericho in a feud with Morrison and Michaels with Flair on their side, could see it now. Miz and Morrison will be getting the ultimate rub in that scenario.

Another awesome segment here with Punk and Kane, things are really heating up here. I like what TWG said about Kane becoming even angrier everytime he sees the briefcase has a dent in it because of Punk planting him with a DDT. Likin' this feud so far, maybe this time I'll actually enjoy a Punk/Kane feud.

Yeah, didn't think this four were done with each other so this was good to see. Like I said, the rub that Morrison and Miz are getting is truly something to see. Especially since it's coming from two of the biggest stars in the WWE in HBK and Jericho. Definitely my favorite feud that you have going so far.

Main event was good, you did well in telling a story and giving us a finish that will leave us wondering what will happen next week. Kingston had a good showing with the champ but I just knew Orton would get involved some way, and what a way indeed. Using the sledgehammer against HHH was brilliant, told the story well and the last image we get is of a dominant group being led by the top heel in the business.

Overall, this is probably the most enjoyable show you've produced in this thread which is surprising since you were originally in charge of Smackdown. But anyway, you did a lot of things right here with advancing all the feuds and having young guys get together with some of the bigger stars. Loving the whole Morrison/HBK Miz/Jericho feud and the Regal/Mysterio one is great as well. Plenty to look forward to. Good job man! Onto the next show

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