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Re: TEW2013 Announced

Alright guys let's get this developer's journal (you know when Adam: TEW creator states new features or improved in a journal so the people can get what little changes and improvements has been made from the last game) up and running, will update when I see Adam has updated the journal, I've missed some entries, they come here:

#2: Weight Changes

New to the series is the ability for workers to change size over time.

Every worker now has a minimum and maximum size (defaulted to one level above and below their starting size) that can be set via the editor to help control this.

There are multiple reasons why a worker can change (steroid use to increase muscle mass, getting fat with age, letting himself \ herself go, slimming down for health reasons, etc, etc) and these are shown in the appropriate news story. Workers can change multiple times over the course of their career, and their size changes can impact their stats (such as gaining Power from a size increase).

This addition is to add to the realism of the game as well as adding another factor that makes every game unique as it unfolds.
#3-4: Flexible Show Times

Today sees two features announced together as they are so closely related, both falling under the heading of Flexible Show Times.

As the name suggests, when booking shows you are no longer limited to having to fill the show exactly. With Flexible Event Times you get 25% leeway on either side of the limit (i.e. for a two hour show you can go anywhere between 90 minutes and 150 minutes). With Flexible TV Times you get to under or over run by 5 minutes.

This allows booking to be more realistic and naturalistic, and also makes the booking process quicker and more user-friendly as you no longer have to go back and fiddle with segment times to get them to a precise total.
#5-#7: The Power 500

The popular Power 100 feature from the previous game will be getting a major overhaul for TEW2013, with one big alteration and two smaller user-friendly ones.

Firstly, the big alteration is that it is now five times as big, becoming the mighty Power 500. Obviously this makes the feature far better as it takes in a much larger percentage of the workers in the game world.

Secondly, on any wrestler-related screen (the Workers screen, your roster, AI company rosters, etc), each worker's current Power 500 ranking will automatically be displayed; a useful extra for judging how well he or she has been doing recently.

Thirdly, for ease of use, when viewing any worker on the Power 500 screen you will automatically be able to see a summary of his previous positions (and future positions if you're looking at a year from the past!). In long-term games, this is particularly useful as you can easily gauge a worker's career trajectory.
#8: Assistant Booker

New to the booking screen is the Assistant Booker pop-up.

This new section allows the user to quickly add up to ten matches to the show. For each of the potential matches there are two options, Type Of Match and Level Of Match. The Type Of Match is selected from the usual selection (1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, etc), while Level Of Match is Main Event, Upper Midcard, etc.

Once the user has set up those two options for as many of the ten slots as he or she wants, simply clicking Create Matches has the Assistant Booker AI automatically try and put together matches for each. The AI only uses wrestlers who are eligible to be on the show (obviously) and who aren't already working on the card, and does not include road agent notes (everything is left for the road agent to handle automatically, in the same way that the player does not need to fill them in) or title matches. Everything else (assigning referees and road agents, appropriate lengths, naming the segment, etc, etc) is handled automatically.

Where possible, the Assistant Booker will use proper tag teams, and will strictly follow face \ heel logic unless the promotion does not have a disposition split.

The AI gives a warning message to the player if any of the matches could not be made - this could happen, for example, if you asked it to make a main event match but there were no main eventers available and no suitable upper midcarders to fill in for them.

The created matches are automatically added to the booking grid. From that point on, they can be treated exactly the same as if they'd been created by the player; they can be modified, moved, deleted, etc.

There is no limit on how many times the Assistant Booker can be used, nor are there any penalties.

The Assistant Booker therefore allows cards to be put together quicker, while still allowing the user to step in and change anything he or she does not like.
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