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Re: Why do so many people hate Justin Bieber?

Originally Posted by kobra860 View Post
I didn't know that Chris Brown was friends with gang members. You have a good point about Drake or Meek Mill starting the fight or maybe even the people hanging with Chris Brown. I still think that throwing drinks is some female stuff.

The main reason why Tyga, Future, and Travis Porter get hate is because they're garbage. That's saying something when people like Lil Wayne are on top.
Yeah, Chris was in the club with Bloods and rumor has it they were the ones that took it to the next level. But at the same time, I heard Meek Mill & Juelz were pumping Drake's head up about confronting Chris, seeing as Chris would have more than likely beat the brakes off Drake, possibly Santana too. I doubt he would have gotten Meek though, those Philly .....s is grimey as fuck.

But, what makes them garbage, because they don't fit a certain mold? Thats the problem with music, if you don't fit that certain mold, you're automatically labeled garbage. What makes a musician garbage?

Keep in mind that the main 5 people I mentioned tend to mostly make songs for females. Tyga has really stepped up, Future doesn't know how to write a song and freestyles all his shit and Travis Porter had one of the biggest mixtape buzzes in years.

Again, I want to know what makes those 5 guys garbage, because they wear tight clothes, because they make songs for the clubs or females or because people only heard "Make It Nasty", "Racks On Racks" and "Make It Rain" and developed their opinion from those songs?

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