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Re: Why do so many people hate Justin Bieber?

Originally Posted by kobra860 View Post
Why was Bieber at the BET Awards to begin with? I know that Usher is his mentor but he has no business rapping.

Chris Brown still hasn't grown up. He recently got in a fight in a club and was throwing drinks at people (which is something that women do but that's another story).

His recent album wasn't that great and I thought that F.A.M.E. was much better.

I guess for the same reason Bieber plays an occasional Bieber video. Ludacris was a big supporter of him being there.

As for the Chris Brown/Drake fight, you can add Meek Mill in with not growing up either. That whole incident wasn't even Chris fault, as I heard he tried to make peace with Drake but Drake made a comment like "fuck that .....". And supposedly, it was Chris friends, some Bloods, that got the whole thing popping off. Remember, Chris is on probation, if he had a big role in that incident, he would have gotten violated.

Haven't heard his latest album but I've enjoyed several songs of his post-Rihanna incident (Deuces, Oh Yeah, No Bullshit, She Ain't You and several guest appearances; also enjoy his rapping). Point is, he grew as an artist. Either way, Brown is far less hated than Bieber. Brown's hatred comes from the Rihanna incident. The Bieber hate comes from him being a successful kid and the way he looks.

It's just like in rap music; if you're not rapping the gangster lifestyle or speaking on the everyday struggle, you're automatically hated. It's the reason why people like Travis Porter, Tyga, Future and other "toned down" rappers get so much hate. For instance, I had a conversation with somebody earlier and they said Lil Wayne's music is wack. When I asked why, first thing they said was the way he dresses. WTF does that have to do with his music? And what does Bieber's look, fanbase or his rapping/non rapping ability have to do with him as a singer?

Funny how people hear 1 maybe 2 songs of an artist, peep their fanbase or the way their dressed and form an opinion of them as a singer/rapper as a whole.

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