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Re: August 30th Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by KO Bossy View Post
Are you sure Bully is saying flapjack and not slapjack? A slapjack would make sense since that's actually a weapon.

Anywho, great show. Very good TV matches, I like that they played up the final 5 as a huge deal, they're pushing BFG so highly that it makes you want to see it now 2 months in advance, and I really like this Aces and Eights angle. They're really taking it somewhat slow. In OTHER pro wrestling companies we'd have figured out who it was by week 2. In this case its been a few months and we still haven't got a clue a) who these guys are and b) who is behind them attacking the roster. Each week the story gets a little bit clearer. I especially like that people in this thread are all speculating who is behind it and yet no one knows for sure, since there are several paths they could take and all would make complete sense. Really, really well done-TNA has the audience guessing and wanting to see more, the crowds are great in the Impact Zone, it feels like a hot product.

And notice how Hogan said "our best is in the ring right now." Just little things like that, calling Aries the best because he's the champion, it does so much to elevate and establish the product. That's what the Heavyweight title symbolizes-that you're the best. WWE for some reason can't even get that right. Punk is allegedly the best, yet never main events a PPV and not even the fucking announcers will call him the best because he's not Cena. Even a little rub like that from Hogan means a lot in the casual fans' mind. Almighty Hulk Hogan says that the best of them is Austin Aries, there is legitimacy to that.

Great job, TNA. You guys have turned things around and you deserve much respect.
Who woulda thought we would point to TNA this year and go "this is how you do wrestling!"... just, what a turn around. Can't wait for Thursdays now. And you're right about the little things... sure they have gotten the big angles and things right, but even the small little details are clicking right now.

Thanks for the wonderful memories Ultimate Warrior... happy you got to be recognised as the legend you are before you went. Rest in peace
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