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RAW Review

- Great to see Ted's return to kick off the first show of the year. I like Bischoff acknowledging that Ted has to earn his place in the rumble as well as Ted's cockiness at facing his old rival Undertaker.

- Miz/Ryder's attack was good as was the tag match with Omega. I like that Miz and Ryder got the win but Team Omega still keeps their heat.

- Zeke/Kofi was fine, but I am LOVING the Lethal/Kofi storyline. Lethal's promos are great and I can't wait to see their match at Rumble. Lethal's motivation is relatable however Kofi not wanting to hurt is brother is admirable.

- Decent segment with Cody/Henning and Bischoff, got the point across. I like the stipulation for the tag match later.

- I really enjoyed the interview with Melina. I like the bit of humor on Melina's part and the her noble nature in saving her friend. Kong's attack was also nice as was Kelly and Gail's save.

- I love Trips having to defend the title in the Rumble and the tension that him and Jericho had, very nice segment.

- Liked the tag match a lot. Great high flying action vs. power concept. I was a bit surprised at the result but not disappointed. The Colons teasing Cody/Henning was also a nice touch.

- More tension, this time between Shawn and Show. The Rumble is really taking an effect on these guys.

- MON between Taker and Ted. I really liked Ted's work on Taker's ankle, especially the Chokeslam spot. Sheamus vs. Undertaker? I'm ready to see these guys clash in the Rumble too.

- WOW! What an ending. I loved the tension, I loved Show's size advantage, I love HHH using the Sledgehammer not just on Show but on Y2J as well, most of all I loved Orton's return. HBK staring down Orton was also awesome, as it showed that it's not necessarily HHH vs. The World, everyone vs. everyone else.

Overall, great show and I'm hyped for the Rumble. Between the Rumble and Punk/Cena this looks to be one of your best, which is obviously saying something.
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