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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

You ever look at a set of ratings from various reviewers before watching a match, and then watch the match itself and say "these guys are morons, this is fucking AWESOME" .... I just got that feeling. I've finally found the most underrated match of all time. It deserves it's own review on the side in contrast to a mini one...

Brock Lesnar vs The Big Show Stretcher Match : Judgment Day 2003

The story going into this match is basically that Big Show is the ultimate bully, destroying Rey Mysterio and every single "little guy" he can get his hands on. Now, you see for some reason or another, Brock Lesnar isn't putting up with any bullshit, and the next big thing isn't going to lose to a bully... HE STANDZ UP 4 WWE so to speak. In the Hulkamania era onwards, fans had no idea how this match type would work, but BROCK always manages to get the job done. Big Show coming down to the ring with the names of his victims on a stretcher board and HERE WE GO !

These two begin just pounding away at each other with some really stiff shots. Show is moving incredibly fast here as he goes for a running strike on Lesnar but eats the post. MAN did that look brutal, as Lesnar takes the stretcher board and proceeds to keep nailing Big Show across the back with it over and over and over again, in what looks to be extremely painful. Big Show tries to rebound, but Brock takes the board and chops Big Show down like the monster he is, starting with the legs, and then the midsection over and over and over. What a pace these two are working at, as this isn't just a match, it's a brutal fight between two monsters. Love the psychology here, as if Show catches Lesnar with a few shots, Lesnar could be doomed, therefore Lesnar has to move lightning quick (which he does, Brock moves like a cruiserweight in this one).

This is just so back and forth, with Big Show trying to slow down Lesnar's incredible pace with slow but effective power moves, but since Brock is just as STRONG as he is fast, Brock isn't having any of it and proceeds to manhandle Lesnar all over the arena. The actual set up stretchers are used as well, as Show repeatedly slams Lesnar on them in what also looks to be very painful. Lesnar is repeatedly unsuccessful in dragging Show across the line, so what's his plan ? TO CHOKE THE BIG FUCKER OUT WITH A PAIR OF CABLES! Show looks DEAD, but his saving grace is that Lesnar can't push Show across the line because he stays choked (almost hung) by the cables.

These two make it back to the ring apron, where Brock pushes Big Show off where he bounces off of the base of a stretcher ! That was one of the most painful looking things that I have ever seen in wrestling, what a bump by Big Show. Lesnar says "I got a plan" and goes to the back, only to have REY FUCKING MYSTERIO come out of nowhere to try and get revenge on the Big Show for his past transgressions, only to get caught by the big man. Just when Brock disappears and Rey looks like he's leaving on a stretcher as well, BROCK BURSTS THROUGH THE FUCKING SET ON A FORKLIFT and parks it right next to the ring. He climbs to the top of the forklift which obviously distracts Big Show, leaving Rey to put Show in a sleeper, choking him out. Brock then does what surely should be considered insane and JUMPS OFF THE TOP OF THE FUCKING FORKLIFT OVER THE ROPES ON TOP OF BIG SHOW. That was one of the best looking spots I have ever seen. BIG suplex and a BIG F-5 end this AWESOME MATCH.

HOLY FUCKING BIG SHOW JESUS JIM ROSS SLOBBERKNOCKER STONE COLD STONE COLD STONE COLD CHRIST that was awesome ! These two just go at it NON-stop , and it might be.. Well.. IT IS... The most underrated match I've ever seen (WHY does nobody have this at **** ? ) and DEFINITELY the greatest match in the history of the Big Show, who takes one of the worst and stiffest beatings I've ever seen in a wrestling match. Brock's performance was GODLY, and if you haven't watched this match in the last month, go do it RIGHT FUCKING NOW. It's awesome.. I mean it :hhh ... YOU FUCKERS !

**** 1/2

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