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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Eerie way to kick off the show, but a nice way to give the Punk/Kane feud some good exposure and prominence. Liked what Kane had to say, seemed pretty in tune with his character; which is something you've consistently done well in all of the shows you have posted. Nice start to the show and it has got me looking forward to the next time Punk or Kane appears in the show.

This really shocked me to be honest. Don't get me wrong, I love Cryme Tyme and everything, but I think there was a lot left for Miz and Jericho to do as champions before they lost the belts, as those two only officially became champions last week. But seeing Cryme Tyme as Tag champions is something we unfortunately never got to see in real life, and I've never seen it in a BTB so I am intrigued to see where you take them as champions. However I get that this was mainly used as a tool to further the issues between Miz and Morrison, and having Jericho now with beef against Morrison leads me into thinking that we'll see a tag team match at Backlash with Miz/Jericho vs Morrison/HBK, which will be awesome for both The Miz as well as Morrison; that would also mean we get to see Jericho vs Michaels one on one at a later date with more build which would make that match even better. I think purely because we got new champions tonight and the WWE Tag Team Championships on the Backlash card, that the Raw Tag Titles won't make it onto Backlash.

Good to see that we know where Cryme Tyme are going right away. Seeing Nige and Drew without Regal is good; shows that they are their own two men and that Regal is not necessarily needed for the team to get things done.

I really liked this segment to be honest You're once again spot on with the actions of the wrestlers as we've got a long ass Triple H promo to kick it off But even though it was a standard Triple H promo, it was needed to hype up this match with Orton at Backlash that is going to be HUGE! Surprised that Orton didn't come out with Legacy here, but like McIntyre and McGuiness, I liked seeing the stablemates out there without the leader, but it fits more in this instance because HHH has been very much involved with Legacy for the past few months. Cody and Ted going for HHH was a good move on their part, and I liked that you went against the typical Triple H beating them both up option, and went for Legacy actually getting some decent offence in to the point where Triple H needed Kofi to save him (HHH's ego won't have liked that one bit ) I'm glad that Kingston is staying involved in this program, because he could really solidify himself a place as the #4 or #5 face on Raw behind HHH, HBK, Mysterio and maybe Punk now that Cena is on Smackdown. Great for him to be getting all of this exposure. Flair coming out and doing his Teddy Long impression was predictable, but a great rub for Kofi teaming with the WWE Champion as well as having to bail him out.

Mysterio interviews are never the most entertaining part of the show, but are necessary given his position. Rare to get someone as high up the card as he is never get a chance to talk.

Routine win as expected here for Orton, Goldust was never going to be much of a challenge for him. The only talking point here was the aftermath... please let him punt more people plzzz! The punt was so awesome to see purely because it looked sick most of the time. Firstly, punting Goldust for no reason was just a way of showing what a fearless bastard Orton is. Secondly, I am sure that this will come back at some point down the line and Cody Rhodes will be involved somehow and maybe this could be the beginning of the end for Legacy with Orton punting Cody's brother.

Dat Santino playing the field

Beth and Mickie could always go in the ring, so I see why you've paired them up here, would make for a good match. Great win that does Mickie wonders by beating the champion...DAT DIVA ROLL UP... and Mickie should definitely be in contention for a shot at the gold now; which will be an awesome match to see. Phoenix getting pissed and jumping her afterwards was predictable, but I liked Mickie getting in the final blow and really making the impact with that Mick Kick. Nice match and aftermath giving the Divas some nice attention.

Nice to know what Kofi's intentions are, and with HBK, Punk and Mysterio all pre-occupied, it is Kofi's place to stand in as the second face in the title picture for now. Kofi saying that he wants the WWE Title adds a nice little dynamic for when he teams with the champion later on.

Good to finally see Regal in this show. (Just a small thing, if you name this little stable... try and stay away from something with "Empire" in it, or to that effect... seen it done too many times with this kind of stable) Even though it wasn't a clean win for Drew, he comes out of this match looking like a million dollars because he was able to get some good offence in on Mysterio before the others got involved. But the fact he pinned the IC Champion gives him a great rub in his first official match, and could cause some tension down the line with Regal, also with the fact Drew accidentally hit Nigel, too, I can see the way this group will split if it does. The brass knucks are always good to see when Regal uses them as I can imagine Rey sold it pretty well.

Miz and Jericho not getting their rematch is good and bad - Bad because it could signal the end of the team on the horizon, and also leave Cryme Tyme without anything to do until Drew & Nigel are done helping Regal; but good because it does give the other teams a chance to shine, and also allows Miz and Jericho to be more singles competitors in their feuds with Morrison and Michaels. Good to see the conflict with between these two loudmouths and the GM though, can make for some interesting angles down the line. Nice little conversation between Flair and Michaels as well afterwards.

Swagger with the cheeky win over Punk was a nice little way to get himself and Kane more heat. Kane though showing what he did was to cost Punk more than help Swagger was a point that you needed to get across and you did that well with that Uppercut on the way down to the ring. I was honestly shocked that Punk got the better of Kane here because I think it would have made more sense for Kane to end on top after that promo to kick off the show. The DDT on the case was good, because it will have only made Kane that much angrier, which makes this feud that much better. Kane will be reminded of that attack each time he sees the briefcase with that dent in it.

I wanted to see more of Cody's reaction here to what Orton said about Goldust, but nonetheless, a nice little pep talk.

I loved the way the "Hi, I'm Dolph Ziggler" gimmick just got Dolph beaten up all of the time, and this was just such a HBK thing to do with the SCM after the handshake. 2009 was the year that Dolph got onto the map however, so hopefully we start to see him get the occasional win now and then, but TV time is TV time. Jericho coming out afterwards was something expected, but Miz attacking HBK from behind was something I didn't see coming, but the Morrison save was something I did again. This reminded me a little too much of the segment where Kofi saved HHH earlier on, not sure if you noticed that when you wrote it, but in both cases, it was the necessary thing to do. Sure this will set up a tag match at Backlash because with the short build this feud has had, and it has been very well built so far, I think giving the tag match away on a normal Raw would be criminal. Great segment here, really enjoyed this.

Not an awful lot of description for this match, but that would be my only gripe about it. Kofi being competitive in this match as well as Legacy having some decent time in the match to show off their tag team ability is another good thing to see. Orton coming in with the sledgehammer I didn't see coming, and this really goes in tune with what HHH was saying earlier about the No Holds Barred Match being completely out of control. Also there was the symbolism of HHH being hit with a sledgehammer of all things, so good to see that you are thinking. Good to see that you are really trying to make this match look like anyone's game as last week you had Triple H standing tall and now this week it is Orton and Legacy on top; Booking 101. Good, solid ending to the show.

Calum, really enjoyable Raw show mate All of the feud were advanced which is always a good point, and this show really had all of the "stars of tomorrow" (ie Miz, Morrison, Kofi, McIntyre, McGuinness, Punk and Legacy) all having strong showings. The highlights were probably the opening to the show with Kane, the HHH/Legacy/Kofi segment, Cryme Tyme winning and the punt making an appearance; but it was a great read from top to bottom. Nice one <3
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