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Originally Posted by dave 1981 View Post
The closer it gets to the match at Night Of Champions between John Cena and CM Punk the more i'm convinced CM Punk is winning but their feud will carry through until Survivor Series or even TLC with WWE title swaps along the way. The way i see it is CM Punk wins at Night Of Champions with a bit of controversy which leads to another match at Hell In A Cell which John Cena wins. That in turn leads to Cena/Punk in some kind of gimmick match at Survivor Series with CM Punk winning and then their final match at TLC with CM Punk winning again after interference from someone to allow John Cena a feud to carry into 2013.

Because the PPV following TLC is The Royal Rumble it means John Cena doesn't have to have a proper full blown feud but simply have someone he is interacting with on a weekly basis like Bryan Danielson maybe. Going into TLC they could have Bryan Danielson snap because he feels over looked as far as the WWE title goes and could cost John Cena the win therefore meaning heading into The Royal Rumble the top feuds on Raw would be Rock/Punk and Cena/Danielson with The Rock winning the WWE title and John Cena winning The Royal Rumble and thus Cena/Rock 2 is set for WrestleMania 29 but this time for the WWE title.
Plans can change in WWE. If punk beats Cena clean then it makes punk look so much stronger for when he works with The Rock

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