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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by KingCal View Post
Love that Unforgiven match. ****1/4 from me. Whole way they structured the Lesnar/Undertaker feud reminded me of the HBK/Undertaker feud back in 97. They have their first match on PPV, and it doesn't end properly and all shit breaks lose, so instead of throwing them in an ordinary cage match, the put em in HIAC where there is nowhere to go and a winner MUST be decided.
I enjoyed that match and that storyline too, ( Hell it's what got me into wrestling at 7), my only problem is the unnecessary conclusion of Tracy (AKA Melina), just seemed so out of place. That being said I love the match, and I like the DQ (could've been a stronger DQ, but that's nitpicking). People seem to forget storylines when rating some matches and with this one they forgot how great Brock's handling was at this point. He had destroyed Hogan, beaten Rock very decisively, and looked just unstoppable. Meanwhile, Taker is maybe the one guy that can stop him and for most of 2002 he was the top guy again. Add to Heyman's douchbagary with Taker's wife and mocking Taker's unborn child, including one of my favorite lines in wrestling history, Brock: Life's a BITCH! The reason I love this line is not because of the line itself, but the way Brock says it I can't describe. Also, he does he puts his hand on Taker's wife's pregnant stomach. Interesting how subtle touches work stronger than, oh I don't know, KILLLING THE BABY. Hell if this were Vince bookin' it he'd probably have lesnar gore her through the wall, but the little touch made the seriousness come across. Just to give you an understanding of how much SM was better than Raw, while SM was doing this RAW was preparing for a necrophilia angle. Wow, I got sidetracked. Any way good match.


Favorite Spot:
DAT CHAIRSHOT. Any body who watches this match knows exactly what I'm talking about.
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