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Originally Posted by Ether View Post
Oh you'd be surprised, Kidd got picked one out of every 10 matches at worst because of his amazing moveset and his submission finisher. He's low rated as well, so it caught people off guard. All you needed were a few suplexes, hammer throw spam, and you just got yourself another easy win. Trust me, people like Kidd, Ziggler (another submission finisher) got picked more than Shawn Michaels sorely for their movesets. Is this the right way to play? Not at all, but the WWE online community is 60% clans/exploiters, 25% little kids, and the rest is full of people just playing for fun and dont take it seriously.

And I meant that because they called it the STFU and the F-U back then. I forgot Rapper Cena didn't use the STFU, so he'll probably just have two F-U's unless they decide that's too TV-14.

Now, before you say well by keeping Kidd out of the game there would be less of this, I'd agree but with people like Khali/Henry/Taker/Show etc we'll sadly have to deal with these people
- Oh you meant people playing as them to get easy wins on online ? yeah i agree.
- They wouldn't rename the STF and besides that's just Cena with his "Rock/Rap Concert" attire, i'm peeved it wasn't Cena from 2003 or 2004.
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Originally Posted by Amber B View Post
The "but WWE did it" argument got played out in 2010. Stupid and sloppy + stupid and sloppy does not equal a positive.
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