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Re: Big Brother US 14 **DO NOT POST SPOILERS**

if production actually cared about drama they would have led brit to question dani and blow up her fake bad blood w/ dan. but the show is almost over and i don't they care. they also have the habit of calling people to DR when fights are about to go down and people come out clam.

i know how jeff can be, but he was still more liked. frank is mostly hated by the live feed watchers.

ian came out numerous times this week that the dr didn't want him to use the veto and that they wanted him and brit to work w/ dan. ashley on week 1 was willing to vote kara to stay, even after the blow ups, but she went in a DR for about her and came out and changed her mind. when shane was about to nominate froogie they kept asking him if he was sure and he came out unsure. dr clued dan in on frank possibly backdooring him.

BB13 reintroducing the teams and having that veto that saved rachel and jordan was blatant. they also manipulate competitions to their needs that favor certain players.

joe is actually the most aware player in the house. he's the only one that considered that dani and dan was stunt but he told the people who had their best interest in keeping the fake fight going.

frank position is kind of bad. if it's endurance you can write joe off, you can probably write jenn off. dan might win it, but he honestly has no reason to. ian needs the HOH and shane is willing to throw it to him and dani. dan is only fucked if brit stays and even then brit hates franks more.

if frank made to the f2 w/ dan then frank is in danger of losing. he'll lose 3 votes, he thinks he'll have the second ever 7-0 sweep. joe votes with shane and shane might just vote dan which gets him joe votes. brit and ian would work on shane to give dan the vote. if the quack pack votes together than frank loses.

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