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Re: Big Brother US 14 **DO NOT POST SPOILERS**

Originally Posted by IMPULSE View Post
jeff was more liked. frank is more polarizing which is why i compared him to rachel.

production will save frank if they have to. they save their players all the time and the best shot anyone had at getting him out kind of passed when britney ruined ian's backdoor shot.

the next best shot is trying within the next two HOH's or a double evict. or you could hope he chokes a competition away he has done it twice when on the block, but he's been on a roll as of late.

dick's jealousy of dan being the second best player and some former players naming him first makes him mad.

dick's bitching about twists and only winning the game b/c of america player is hilarious.
I usually waste my time by subscribing to the pirated live feeds, prior to having to work more than any man should in a week, & I've never seen concrete proof that production actually influences the game. From the very 1st BB to this current crop.

They slant the shit out of the show with the editing to produce sympathy or sweethearts. There have been SO many competitors that have done fucked up or said outrageous shit that people never see, which greatly influences the viewer polls. Jeff was a total twat but it never made the light of day.

Frank reminds me more of Jeff unfiltered. I designated him Jeff Lite because Jeff was far more independent, had a penchant for strategy.

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