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Re: Big Brother US 14 **DO NOT POST SPOILERS**

i've already stated frank is a female rachel. he's easily manipulated and boogie basically turned frank into a copy of him when frank didn't want to be anything like froogie.

dan can reel in his former teammates easier than expected. if dani stays she'll spill the fact that the fight was an act to save them both. shane can buy into that easily and he loves the ideas of fake fights b/c he keeps wanting one. if brit goes then dan is ian's number two by default, he hates frank, joe and him hate each other, jenn wants nothing to do w/ him, and dani and him don't mesh.

frank is really dense when it comes to this game. joe and jenn brought up dan's i will rat you out comment towards ian to him and he shot it down. frank may not trust dan but he can't play in the next two HoH's. that makes taking a shot to get him out irresistible.

dan really only has to worry about joe. jenn might not pull the trigger especially if the DR gets in her ear to keep dan in. they'll want to roll w/ dan and frank, just like they wanted brit and ian to roll w/ frank until dan flipped their script. a shane HOH could be a small problem.

brit and ian betrayed dan throughout the week. brit was doing it for about two weeks. they threw him under the bus and brit did it to deflect attention off of her and to protect ian. when they were asking about the rat she pointed to dan's bed according to frank.

dan seriously considered throwing the POV, but ian made comments that made him reconsider. he was like i don't want anyone throwing the competition thinking i'm going to use it, i'll only use it in this perfect scenario.

Spoiler for :
ian wants to work w/ dan. productions likes ian and ian is big in trouble. he made a historical reference to 9/11 that people took the wrong way. he was like i wanted to be here before the planes crashed into them towers. something to the effect, it was probably more.

but it pissed of joe, jenn, and frank. ian has been trying to reunite the quack pack and shane is only reluctant b/c he feels dan did dani wrong. but when he finds out it's a fake he'll swing back to the quack pack.

ian realized that one of the quack pack had to go and all dan did was make sure it wasn't him.

brit has given up. the dr won't help her realize dani is in the frank/jenn/dan team. she's barely campaigned and has squandered every opportunity w/ shane and is in quit mode. it also was messed up b/c joe vote hinges on shane who has a F2 with dani.

brit has also been trying to sour dan to ian and dani but they don;t listen. of course dani wouldn't.

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