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Re: Why do so many people hate Justin Bieber?

1: Justin Bieber was offered a generous record deal at a very young age, rose to fame quickly by making clean cut pop music aimed primarily at a demographic of prepubescent grade school girls. It's natural that certain people will get jealous and attack him specifically since he's an easy target. What they don't realize is that by giving the kid attention, they made him into an even bigger relevant name. Rebecca Black got rich off of the negative feedback, which is a sweet slice of irony.

2: Certain people view him as a talentless cookie cutter poster boy for contemporary pop music, failing to realize that Justin Bieber is no worse than 90% of what plays on mainstream radio stations daily. if you're not into that sort of music, there's alternatives. It's 2012, finding music that the record industry doesn't shove down your throat isn't that hard to find. Last.Fm is a good start. It's like visiting hell and complaining about the temperature.

3: Certain people are Sheep, and their insipidity causes them to focus on pointless shit. Since they think it's cool to hate on specific popular names in pop culture, they jump on the bandwagon.

4: Certain people need to get out more, and learn to ignore the things they dislike or are indifferent about. If you hate something, it means that you care. Caring for Bieber gets him more Youtube hits and more people talking about him.. as illustrated in point 1
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