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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Eerie debut to say the least. It reminded me a lot of when Kane was feuding with Shane McMahon.

What a shocker in the World Tag Team Titles match. I don't know if that's how I would have booked it, especially since the underlying factor is that you want to push Morrison vs Miz, but, the end result is that Cryme Tyme are going to represent the tag team division from now on. Also, this maybe opens up Jericho to bigger and better things in the very near future. (Is the Shout Out the Hiroshi Tanahashi finishing hold?)

And so the plot thickens. It could be quite easy for Cryme Tyme to lose focus and for the McIntyre/McGuinness duo to outset them for the belts.

The Game reinforced is stance going into Backlash, but he was ambushed by Legacy. Kofi came in and made the save, which made him look like a million bucks, although I felt HHH suffered a bit by only falling to a two on one assault from Rhodes & DiBiase. I'm sure it's going to be a great tag match though for the Main Event.

Interesting promo video... wonder if the actual mystery man is someone that will be involved in an angle concerning a Backlash outcome or someone that has yet to debut...

Mysterio doing interviews is always just filler. He does have the crowd behind him no matter what but, is character's growth is not based on his ability to speak, but on his ability to beat the odds. So, I guess that's what I'm waiting to see tonight against McIntyre.

Goldust vs Orton was just filler as well. Too bad this is probably the last we'll see of Goldust, unless you bring him back in 3 months and he's all f@cked up like he had been during the Evolution era. This does, however, send a direct message to Triple H.

I guess Phoenix is going face at some point, or, are SantiRosa going to flee the Glamazon's iron fists ruling?

Phoenix vs Mickie is always a good contest on whichever stage. Phoenix' misfortunes continue with a quick rollup victory from Mickie James. The ensuing brawl with Melina and Mickie knocking Beth out was a good way to wrap this up. I don't know if you're leading towards a Triple Threat at the PPV, but, no matter what, I'd keep the belt on Beth until the SantiRosa relationship has been defined openly.

Nice little interview with Kofi. I never quite got the big push they wanted to give him, but, I'm willing to see how things turn out for him here tonight.

Match of the night so far between Rey & Drew. There a bit too much interference and I really got lost in it all. Drew going over was logical enough, but, where were Cryme Tyme? I know, partying, but this could have set up a great 6-Men for next week.

I'm actually glad JeriMiz won't get their rematch. Jericho needs to go at it alone mind you. What will happen of HBK next though I wonder...

Swagger getting the quick win over Punk didn't bother anyone really, with Kane causing the distraction. There was a good brawl between both men afterwards with Punk getting a somewhat "too" decisive of a win... I taught Kane was supposed to be demonically unstoppable... A ddt on the briefcase and we cut to commercials... mmmhh...

Orton gave Legacy a pep talk... wonder how Rhodes felt about his brother being nearly decapitated.

The Draft should freshen up the direction of a few superstars, there's nothing wrong with a good draft. I'll be curious to see which way you handle it though.

Ziggler vs HBK is a real dream match to me... but even though it was kind of ruined because Ziggler is so new at this point and time, this little match/segment was the most entertaining of the night, added to that the post match involvment of JeriMiz and the save by Morrison afterwards. I wouldn't hate it if Ziggler was part of JeriZigMiz (or some other cool stable name). I guess we'll see these 4 men in tag team action next week and it'll be awesome if that happens.

The Main Event was some great wrestling, maybe surpassing Drew & Rey as match of the night (as it should be). The match was well constructed, giving enough time of everyone to look good. Which is to say that Kofi made a believer out of me. Orton's involvment was predictable, but him with the sledgehammer was a nice touch I didn't see coming. It was definitely Legacy's night tonight.

OVERALL = 7.1/10

I really liked the lenght of the show. Very to the point but very well detailed. The outline is a bit repetitive with all red throughout. Some booking moves I really liked, some I questioned throughout this review but it is my first of hopefully many more so, even if I would have given it more than what I actually gave, it'll all depend on what I read next because you have a great roster on RAW.

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