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Re: Why do so many people hate Justin Bieber?

Originally Posted by Crusade View Post
Because its generic commercial based music with no artistic worth behind it. There is no musical depth, ideas or feeling behind it. Its completely shallow. The lyrics behind his music especially do not have any artistic vision, purpose or meaning behind it. Its essentially the same tripe to get teenage girls to like his music. He is essentially a market tool for the corporate music label he is signed with to make a lot of money, thats it.

Not to mention his music is auto tuned to death which tells me he probably can't sing. But I could be wrong, I haven't bothered looking up his live performances and hell, why would I?
But this could go for a large number of 'artists' these days, yet not all of them get Bieber heat..

It's basically:

Young girls love him because they want to fuck him/think he is OMG SOOOOOOOOO CUTE, guys hate him because he's a phaggot that sings garbage music.

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