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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Iíve finally decided to start my own personal project and cover the NOC PPVís. I thought I can start on a small project (however this review is pretty long) and eventually work my way up like K1ngofK1ngs has. Then after the coming NOC PPV in three weeks, Iíll rank my top 10 matches for the events history and also the most overrated and underrated matches, as well as the overall MVP of the PPVís history.

Vengeance: Night of Champions 2007

World Tag Team Championship: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch(c) vs The Hardy Boyz

This was a fun little opener here, to say the crowd was hot for the Hardyís would be an understatement. I enjoyed Cade & Murdoch as a tag team, and they always seemed to gel well with the Hardyís and create some good matches. I think this one however was probably the weakest of the trilogy they had in 2007, as im personally a fan of their Backlash and Judgement Day matches. This one definitely could have benefitted from a more delayed hot tag, Cade and Murdoch worked on Mattís leg for about 2 minutes, and as soon as he fought back he got the hot tag to Jeff. I much would have preferred them to cut the tag off and delay it. Itís amazing though how much more over Jeff was to Matt itís ridiculous. I love the ending however, Cade & Murdoch were trying to act like babyfaces the whole match, but in the end their heel tactics got them the victory. Pretty good opener here, that would of benefitted with another 5 minutes.

** 3/4

Cruiserweight Championship: Chavo Guerrero (c) vs Jimmy Wang Yang

Firstly, god I miss JBL on commentary. The guy is one of my favourite colour commentators ever, and im begging him to come back to the announce table for Smackdown. I liked Jimmy Wang Yang, something about an Asian redneck amused me. This was a good match and if I could sum it up in 1 word, Underrated. The turnbuckle hip toss was nasty especially the way Jimmy landed on his neck when he hit the mat. I loved Chavo in this match, as soon as he delivered the hip toss, he focused all his moves on the back, and how every time Jimmy went up top he cut him off. The ending was worth probably worth ľ* when Chavo hits the frog Splash to the back of Jimmy, thatís great psychology. These are some of the reasons why I would enjoy the cruiserweight title to come back, this was great stuff.


Vacant ECW Championship: CM Punk vs Johnny Nitro

The first thing I have to get off my chest, this is probably the hardest match for me to watch ever, the chants of WE WANT BENOIT nearly killed me to think what he was doing at this time, or what he just done. I have friends who canít even watch a match of his, I still can fortunately and they ask me all the time ďHow can you?Ē Although Iíll never be able to forgive the things he did, I choose to remember him as the performer who gave us 20 years of his life, not the man he was in his final hour.

To the match though, if you can silence out the constant Benoit chants and even the few boring chants this was a solid match. The kicks from Punk to Nitro were vicious and stiff, as they played up Punks Muay Thai background. The finish was really anticlimactic, with no one really reacting at all to pretty much any of Nitros offense. This wasnít a bad match, but I feel especially bad for Nitro this was the biggest win of his career, but it will never be remembered as this turned out to be one of the darkest days in professional wrestling.

** 1/4

Intercontinental Championship: Santino Marella(c) vs Umaga

God this was bad, I enjoyed Umaga as a performer, but this match was just plain dumb. No one gave Santino a snowballs chance against Umaga, as he just physical dominated him the entire match. The match went for about 4 minutes and I swear Umaga had a nerve hold on for half that. I donít know if they were playing up that Umaga was a thick headed islander, but the ending was just stupid after all that Umaga throws Santino in the corner and just punches him to he gets DQíed. The best part of this segment was the beatdown Umaga handed out to Santino and the vocal males chanted for Umaga. This was just plain weird and bad.


United States Championship: MVP(c) vs Ric Flair

This was a solid match, nothing more and nothing less. This was a pretty much your formula Ric Flair match at the time, plenty of chops, strutting and chop blocks. JBLís commentary was golden also with his man crush on MVP, and how he is the Ric Flair of the present. The finish was as to be expected, MVP poked Flair in the eye and hits the playmaker for the 3 count. I enjoyed this, Flair was charismatic as usual and MVP played his heel role well.

** 1/4

WWE Tag Team Championship: Deuce & Domino(c) vs Jimmy Snuka & SGT. Slaughter

This was billed as a special attraction match, but quite honestly this was the furthest thing from special. First off Snuka was horrible, I know his a legend but my god was he bad. Domino at one point went to leapfrog him and he was so slow when Domino landed Snukas head was under him . On the other hand Slaughter was pretty good in this, and really didnít look out of place at all. This wasnít a chore to sit through as it is always good to see legends, but this wasnít good by any stretch, props again to Slaughter.

* 1/4

World Heavyweight Championship: Edge(c) vs Batista Last Chance match

To me personally this was the Sheamus/Del Rio feud from 2007, meaning I didnít have much interest at all in both guys at the time and their feud for that matter. I was just hoping that as competent workers they could generate some quality matches. But just like Sheamus and Del Rio their first two matches didnít blow my mind. This was the blow off match, as it was Batistaís last chance at the title as long as Edge was champion. I was pleasantly surprised with this match, it was slow for the first half then the paced started to pick up and it got better and better and actually had some good sequences. Edge attacked the shoulder of Batista for most of the match and I thought Batista sold it quite well which gets big marks from a person like me. This had a hot finish, until Edge venting in frustration from unable to keep the animal down low blows him for the DQ. Teddy comes out and restarts the match and if Edge gets DQíed he loses the title. Nice nearfall with Batista kicking out of the spear. The finish comes with Batista giving Edge a huge Batista bomb on the floor and rolls Edge into the ring but he was unable to roll into the ring by the 10. It might seem like a crappy finish, but I liked it Edge was destroyed and was down, but he survived like good heels do. This was surprisingly good without a doubt there best match of the trilogy, and probably my MOTN.

*** 1/2

Womenís Championship: Melina(c) vs Candice Michelle

Nothing more to say here then, itís just your normal divas title match, with Candice Michelle winning her first Womenís title.


WWE Championship: John Cena(c) vs Mick Foley vs Randy Orton vs King Booker vs Bobby Lashley Championship Challenge

I loved the video package to this one with every participant explaining what a champion is, it really gave this match a special feel. It was good to see Mick inside the squared circle again as he is one of my favourites ever, but it was painfully obvious that he was taking the pinfall here to keep the other four guys strong, and potentially give Cena an out if he was too lose. This was a fun match and surprisingly only went for 10 minutes, as you were to expect they packed a lot of action in this short time. Everyone seemed to get about the same time in control of the match, and it was obvious they were building up to the epic face showdown of Cena/Lashley. Overall a fun match, with another 5 minutes would have easily taken MOTN.

*** 1/4


This was one of the darkest days in the history of professional wrestling, and seemingly this PPV is truly forgotten about. It felt like everything had a dark atmosphere around it, although that might just be me. Really nothing to special on this card though, the main event was fun and Edge/Batista was quite good. I would have liked to see the opening 2 matches and the main event get a little longer time and this would have probably been a good PPV. I remembered how psyched I was too see the dream match of Benoit/Punk and I had no doubt about it, that they would steal the show. Obviously one of those scenarios of what could have been, without the Benoit tragedy. Not a great night for WWE, obviously knowing now, but the main events are probably worth a look.

Rating: 5.5/10

I should have my next review up in 2-3 days, as im off to the WWE house show over here in Australia tomorrow. Leave me your feedback or your star ratings on the PPV.

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