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Re: Official Undertaker WM Streak Thread - No Other Threads

Originally Posted by Proc View Post
This is slightly off topic, but I am curious:
I am not very familiar with the US law in this situation, but on what reasons could they sue Lesnar? There are tons of instances in which one wrestler gets hurt and/or knocked out. He could argue he pinned Undertaker for safety reasons!?
Originally Posted by Proc View Post
Sure, there could be a clause in his contract. But if there is none I don't see any reasons he could be sued on.

And what I meant about the safety reasons was that after Lesnar hurts or KO's Undertaker, no matter if it was on purpose or not, he could claim it was a mistake and he pinned 'Taker because he couldn't continue (KO, Sid like leg break, or whatever).
The scenario presented by the question is that Lesnar breaks Taker's arm for real and pins him, which will be taped in videos all over the world. It's kinda hard to say it's Taker's fault when Lesnar starts it. Unless Lesnar somehow makes it look like Taker was going to injure him for real in front of dozens of live audience, he's not getting out of it without a scratch.

And on what grounds WWE can sue Lesnar? Violation of contract, endangering other performers, and dozens of other lawsuits I'm sure WWE will think of.

Originally Posted by Ether View Post
My Gut says:
Brock/HHH w/ Mayweather No DQ
Rock/Cena for the title

What I'm hoping to happen is everything there except Brock/Mayweather instead of Brock/HHH.
Taker has had enough WM rematches as it is. Let's hope Sting accepts WWE's offer once his contract ends this December.

Originally Posted by Ether View Post
Even then, as soon as he goes backstage he'd get jumped by everyone on the roster so I don't think he's that stupid. Do you think Lesnar is going to try and fuck up arguably the GOAT wrestler in his last match ever and probably the most respected wrestler ever as well? I don't see it. Besides at this point, Lesnar's most likely opponent is HHH/Mayweather and Taker's is Orton to me
Oh, crap, like I said, no more rematch please. Hell, I can live with Taker/Bryan or Taker/Punk or even Taker/Sheamus (Sheamus wants this match), as long as it's not another WM rematch. I think enough is enough.

Originally Posted by Proc View Post
Well, it is not like it would be the first time Lesnar and WWE meet each other in a court room. They did this over the course of several years.

And it's not like Lesnar and Taker are friends, atleast they didn't use to be. For example

starting at the 6 minute mark

Plus, there are several interviews in which Lesnar didn't talk very positively about WWE.

Anyway, I just thought Lesnar shooting on Taker at WM is quite an interesting thought.
What we didn't count is what if Taker fight backs? It's a well know fact Taker is a real-life tough guy (KO-ing Angle in 3 seconds, anyone?)

What if Taker escapes the kimura and locks Lesnar in Gogoplata for real?

Originally Posted by Ether View Post
I get that, but still. Let's say Lesnar lays Taker out cold and ruins the show. Don't you think that as soon as he steps backstage he's getting the shit beat out of him by everyone on the roster? Lesnar is a tough guy, but he isn't fighting off the entire, pissed off, locker room. I would laugh my ass off if he didn't, but as soon as he stepped backstage he'd be fearing for his life
It's not just backstage, once the crowds notice something is off, I doubt they will let an MMA fighter who always disses WWE just casually ends The Streak and runs for his life. It's not just Lesnar vs the entire backstage, it's Lesnar vs the entire MetLife Stadium.

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