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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

WWE Monday Night RAW - 20th April, 2009

It’s not the usual opening to RAW as we have come to know; instead we are backstage in a pitch black room. The room begins to light up, but not in the colour you would expect, instead it lights up in an eerie red colour and we see The Big Red Machine, Kane sitting on a steel chair, in the centre of the room. Nothing is around him, only the Red Monster and his chair in the small, creepy room. Kane has his head in his hands and you can hear his audible heavy breathing. The camera closes in on Kane’s head, and he lifts his skull up to face the camera. Kane breathes heavily at the camera, before grabbing the camera and pulling it closer to his face. He sneers heavily, before telling everybody that CM Punk made a mistake when he knocked him off the ladder at WrestleMania, he said that CM Punk unleashed the wrath of Kane, he unleashed the demon inside of him. The demon that has been dormant for years, the demon that since he took his mask off has been hiding, but now it is coming back, he says the demon has been awoken, and it’s first victim is CM Punk. Kane then starts to laugh manically at the camera before his face turns to a scowl and then he throws the camera to the ground. The Big Red Monster then walks out of the show and the lights start to dim as we fade to black.

There is no RAW opening video package; instead we cut straight into the quiet arena, where the fans are stunned by what they have just seen on the tron, as are the commentators who struggle to say anything. The cameras cut to the announce table where Michael Cole is the first to speak, he simply says “wow” and not much else. The King takes over and he gets more words out, asking what that was all about and if this so-called demon is awakened, then it’s not CM Punk that should be worried, it should be all of us. The RAW theme plays over the PA system and then the announcer start to get in to full flow as they begin hyping up the card for the evening, including a World Tag Team Championship match, the Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio faces Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton faces Goldust in singles action.

It’s time for the first match of the night and it’s the World Tag Team Championships which are on the line in the opening bout. “Bringin’ Da Hood T U” blares out over the speakers which brings the crowd to life as they cheer the contenders. JTG and Shad run out to the stage before high fiving and walking down to the ring, JTG is more animated while his partner is all business. Once the duo are in the ring they wait for the champions, “Came To Play/Break The Walls Down Remix” plays over the speakers and the fans begin to boo loudly as the current World Tag Team Champions, The Miz and Chris Jericho walk out wearing the titles around their waists. The two of them walk down to the ring, smirks on their faces, obviously taking Cryme Tyme lightly and once they are in the ring the referee calls for the bell.

This was a solid tag team match following the usual WWE formula but we did see some good action including some near falls before the ending to the match finally came. It’s The Miz with JTG in the corner, Miz is punching J’ in the skull over and over, before pulling him out and planting him with a body slam. The Miz looks down at J’ with a scowl on his face before walking over to Shad and talking trash to him. This distraction allows JTG to get to his feet and gains an advantage when he connects with a drop kick! The two men lie on the mat motionless, and the referee begins to count. After a few seconds, The Miz starts to gain some life, and begins to crawl over to Jericho, but then J’ starts to show signs of life and does the same. Miz tags in Jericho first who tries to stop JTG from tagging Shad but he doesn’t make it and Shad comes in hot. Gaspard knocks Jericho down with a clothesline, and then another and then another. The last blow causes Jericho too lie down for a couple of seconds, and Shad takes the time to get the fans involved screaming out to them. Once Chris gets up, he is floored again by a running big boot! Shad covers but The Miz breaks it up and tries to keep Shad down by clubbing him in the back, but he uses his power to get to his feet and push Miz away. And then John Morrison appears to loud cheers from the fans, he runs down the ramp and pulls the ropes down and The Miz tumbles over the ropes. The referee turns around and sees Morrison standing over The Miz with a smile on his face, Shad does the same but then turns around into a Codebreaker! Jericho goes for the cover but the referee is distracted by telling Morrison to leave the area. Morrison backs away but the referee doesn’t keep his eyes on him, Jericho stands up and pulls the referee around and tells him that they have won if he counted. Chris turns around right into JTG who connects with The Shout Out! J’ then pulls Shad over Jericho and the referee begins to count... and we have new World Tag Team Champions!!

The fans are going crazy as the referee is handed the World Tag Team Championships, and then he hands it too JTG who kneels down beside Shad who sat up right, and he doesn’t really know what has happened. J’ hands him the belt and then he finally realizes what has happened, a grin appears on Shad face and his partner helps him to his feet. The two hug each other before climbing the ropes and holding the tag team titles aloft for everyone to see. The cameras then cut to Miz on the outside who is staring at Cryme Tyme holding his tag team championship; everyone can tell The Miz is fuming. He turns round to face Morrison who is at the top of the ramp, smiling at the chaos he has created. Jericho rolls out of the ring and kneels on the mat while staring up at Morrison as well. The commentators rave about Cryme Tyme as the two men pound their chests to the crowd, finally winning the tag team championships after all these years.


Monday Night RAW returns and we are shown a replay of the events before the commercial break. Once the video package ends, we end up backstage where Cryme Tyme, JTG and Shad are talking with Kelly Kelly, Mickie James and Melina. The three divas are congratulating Cryme Tyme on their title win, but the three of them stop and look to the right, J’ and Shad do the same. The cameras then show us who Cryme Tyme were looking at, it’s Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness, William Regal’s new cohorts. The two teams go face to face before Drew tells Shad that they should treasure every moment with the championships before Nigel informs JTG that very, very soon they will be coming for the titles. The two then tell them to enjoy their celebration tonight because it won’t be long before the championships are ripped away from them. The two Brit’s leave while Cryme Tyme looks on, shaking their heads before going back to the divas.

We head back into the main arena where “Game” blares out, drawing a mega-sized reaction from the crowd. The WWE Champion, Triple H walks out from the back in his usual tights and with a Triple H T-shirt, The Game walks down the ramp, looking all business, he climbs onto the apron before stepping into the ring and being handed a microphone. The Cerebral Assassin begins by telling everybody that after last week we all know that Randy Orton will be his opponent at Backlash, but this is no ordinary match, this is a No Holds Barred match. The Game continues and tells everyone that Randy Orton made this personal after he assaulted his family and that was the biggest mistake Orton has ever made in his life. Triple H looks at the WWE Championship which is draped across his shoulder; he informs us that this feud is about more than the WWE Championship. This is personal. He says that the WWE Championship is the biggest prize in this business, and he won’t lose it at Backlash, but he also says that the best thing about Backlash won’t be retaining the championship, the best thing about Backlash will be inflicting as much pain on Orton as humanely possible. For all Orton has done to his family, Randy can expect the same pain that they got, but only ten times worse, The Game continues by saying that No Holds Barred means that Orton has got no way out, he tells Orton that nobody can help him. Triple H goes to continue but then “New Day” plays over the PA system causing the fans to boo fiercely. The WWE Champion turns to face the stage to see Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase standing with microphones in their hands. Once the boos die down, Rhodes begins to speak and he tells Triple H that Randy Orton doesn’t need any help, he doesn’t need any way out, he tells The Game that when Orton faces him at Backlash, it will be Triple H who will be trying to find a way out. While Cody was speaking, he and Ted were walking down the ramp and by now they are at the foot of the ring. DiBiase takes the speaking responsibilities now as he tells Triple H that even though Randy doesn’t need any help, it couldn’t hurt to ensure that you are not at one hundred percent for Backlash. DiBiase and Rhodes drop their microphones and jog to opposite sides of the ring, the WWE Champion drops his belt and the microphone; The Game keeps checking each side of the ring to see who dares enter first and it’s Cody Rhodes. He and Triple H go toe to toe, with Triple H eventually taking the advantage but then DiBiase gets involved and clubs him from behind. Triple drops to one knee and DiBiase knees him in the chest, knocking him down. The Game tries to get up but DiBiase jumps on top and throws right hands at HHH, Rhodes joins him by stomping on The Game. But then suddenly “SOS” plays to a massive reaction, the fans go wild as Kofi Kingston makes a beeline for the ring... he slides in ducks a clothesline from Rhodes and hits a running flying forearm smash which hits DiBiase with huge force to a great cheer. DiBiase rolls out of the ring while Kingston knocks Rhodes down with another flying forearm smash. Kingston then tries to execute the Boom Drop on Rhodes but DiBiase pulls him out of the ring and Legacy back up the ramp while Kingston checks on the game. Kingston and Trips look at Legacy as they back away, smiling. But then suddenly Ric Flair appears on the stage telling everybody to calm down and instructs Legacy to continue walking up the ramp and not get back in the ring. He says that the reason for that is they will need their strength for later tonight – as they will face Triple H and Kofi Kingston in a tag team match for our main event.



The video opens with Matt Hardy pinning his brother at WrestleMania

One night a year...

A shot of Triple H pedigreeing Randy Orton at WrestleMania

Superstars face off at the biggest stage...

Shot of CM Punk unhooking the MITB briefcase

For their moment...

We fade to black with the last image being John Cena holding the World Heayweight Championship up

But the pageantry is over...

We suddenly hear a women’s blood curdling scream

Then the video returns with Randy Orton kissing Stephanie McMahon with Triple H watching on...

All that remains...

Shot of Jeff Hardy hitting the Swantom Bomb...

Jeff Hardy:
The Backlash...

Shot of Edge hitting a spear...

The Backlash...

Shot of Kane hitting a chokeslam...

Before we see a silhouette of a man in a dark room, only seeing his shadows...

All that remains... is the Backlash.


When we return from the commercials, we get a replay of what went down before the commercial break and the commentators talk for a moment about the big tag team match made for the main event. Before they send us backstage where Josh Matthews is waiting, microphone in hand. He has that stupid grin on his face while introducing his guest – the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio. The crowd give Rey a good sized pop as the camera pans out to see Mysterio standing next to Josh with the I.C Championship draped over his shoulder and a purple and white mask on. Mysterio acknowledges the chhers with a nod before Matthews asks his question, he asks Rey how he feels about what happened last week when he was attacked by William Regal’s cohorts – Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness. Rey says that the beating he took was tough, but he is still standing, which draws a nice cheer from the fans. Mysterio then tells us that he believes Regal isn’t man enough to face him on his own, and needed back up to get the job done, and that’s what he done when he got the Scotsman and Englishman. Matthews then asks Rey how he feels about facing one of the men tonight, Drew McIntyre. Rey puts over how tough it will be, using last week as an example, but last week will serve as motivation and if Regal or McGuiness gets involved then they will be on the receiving end of a 619. The interview wraps up as we head to the main arena.

In the ring, Goldust stands as his music fades out, the wacky Superstar getting some respectful cheers from the crowd when his name is read aloud. The arena goes silent as Goldust waits besides the ropes, patentily waiting for his opponent. The fans erupt with a barrage of boos as “Voices” plays out over the PA speakers. Randy Orton walks out with a Viper T-shirt on, The Apex Predator walks slowly down the ramp, not taking his eyes off his opponent. He climbs up the steel steps, before stepping into the ring and ascends the turnbuckle. Orton surveys the arena before stepping down and turning to face Goldust.

The referee calls for the bell and the two men begin to circle the ring, the two then lock up in the centre with Orton then putting Goldust in a side headlock. Orton wrenches it but Goldust backs him into the ropes and uses the momentum to send him running, Orton reverses it however and sends Goldust running towards the ropes. He rebounds straight into a running knee to the gut, Orton follows through making Goldust flip in mid air and land on his back while Orton is at the rope surveying the crowd. He turns back to Goldust, who is getting up, The Viper grabs Goldust and plants him with that patented backbreaker of his and goes for the cover, but ‘Dust kicks out at two. Orton then stomps methodically round his opponents body, working on each body part one by one, taking his time and making the fans boo. After Orton is done, he stares out into the crowd and cocks his head getting a crazy look in his eye. He turns around, diving to the ground and begins pounding the mat, and when Goldust stands up he is planted by the RKO and Randy Orton picks up the victory.

The referee goes to raise The Vipers hand but he pulls his arm away from the ref and walks to the ropes. He begins to leave but gets half way out of the ring before staring back at Goldust. He looks down at the apron for a second before stepping back into the ring. The Apex Predator stays at the ropes, lowering his body in a coiled position before unleashing and sprinting at Goldust... punting him in the skull! The crowd are booing insanely as Orton stands with his back to the fallen Goldust, looking into the stands with a wide eyed look. Referees and medical staff come down to the ring, Orton turns around and stands above ‘Dust, the refs tell him to back off and he does so, smiling as he leaves the ring, sending a message to Triple H. Orton backs up the ramp as the medics put GOldust on stretcher.


When we return from the commercials, we are treated to a replay of the events which transpired before the break. The replay ends and the crowd are very quiet as Goldust is being wheeled away from the ring and up the ramp. From there, we head backstage where Santino Marella and Rosa Mendes are sitting on a couch in a room somewhere in the back. The two are rather close together until the WWE Women’s Champion, Beth Phoenix walks into the room and the two of them shoot up. Beth hasn’t seen them though because she is rambling to herself about Mickie James getting involved last week in her business. She turns to Santino and Rosa to complain to them, Marella whistles in comedic fashion while Rosa just stares at The Glamazon. Phoenix continues her tirade against Mickie, telling Marella and Rosa that she is going to teach her a lesson their match. Phoenix walks away while Marella and Mendes sit back down and get back to being all cosy... until Phoenix walks back in again and grabs her Women’s Championship as the two shoot up again, Beth gives them a suspicious look before turning and heading to the arena.

It’s time for the SmackDown Rebound and we begin the night with Edge and Vickie verbally sparring before The Big Show comes out and attacks Edge. Edge is then saved by John Cena, we get a brief clip of Edge talking to Cena earlier in the night about trust and being partners. But then we are in the main event, Edge and Cena have just won the match against Show and Matt Hardy but then Cena is speared by Edge to close the show!

After the SmackDown Rebound, we return to RAW and we are in the main arena where “Glamazon” is blaring out to a little bit of heat, but nothing earth shattering. Beth Phoenix walks out from behind the curtain with the WWE Women’s Championship over her shoulder, but she isn’t with Santino and Rosa, the two must still be backstage getting freaky (). Phoenix is all business and makes the ring in record time, she climbs onto the top turnbuckle, via the outside, and flips down backwards. The Women’s Champion hands her belt to the referee and waits for her opponent. “Obsession” plays over the PA system getting a similar sized pop to the heat that Beth got, Mickie James, the Diva who saved Melina from a beating at the hands of Phoenix last week hops out from the back and continues her hopping down the ramp before sliding into the ring.

Surprisingly for a divas match, this was quite a good match with the two women involved. Both Divas can go in the ring, and it showed in the ring as the two women competed in a back and forth match, both getting a chance to shine. Numerous near falls happened in this match but the telling pin fall came when Beth had just planted Mickie with a front face buster but Mickie managed to kick out. Beth then picked Mickie up and whipped her into the ropes, she rebounded and ducked a clothesline, Mickie pushed Beth towards the ropes and then pulls her back rolling her up, but Beth rolls through... but then Mickie rolls through again and this time the referee counts the winning pin fall.

And the reaction again isn’t good from Beth, she stands up quickly and kicks the ropes as Mickie has her hand raised by the referee. She turns and rushes at her conquerer and knocks her down from behind. The crowd boo pretty loudly as Beth turns her over and pummels her pretty little face with punch after punch until... Melina makes a beeline for the ring, she slides into it and spears Phoenix off of Mickie. A cat fight ensues between Phoenix and Melina until Phoenix turns Melina on her back, knocks her arms away from her head and begins to punch her repeatedly now. Phoenix then stands up and stares down at Melina who is holding her face, Beth runs her hand through her hair and turns round... right into a Mick Kick! Down goes Phoenix! Mickie walks over her and helps Melina to her feet, the two divas then look down at Phoenix before leaving the ring. The cameras close in on Phoenix as she looks knocked out before we head backstage.

Backstage, Josh Matthews is waiting eagerly to introduce us to his guest for the evening. It is none other than the man teaming with Triple H later tonight when the two of them take on Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. Matthews asks Kingston how he feels about coming so close to getting a WWE Championship shot last week, Kingston tells Josh that he was indeed, very close, but it is a learning experience, one mistake cost him the shot and that was taking his eyes of Orton for a split second. He then says that he knows he can defeat Orton since he did just that two weeks ago, and tonight he will team with Triple H, the WWE Champion to take on Rhodes and DiBiase. Kingston wraps the interview up by telling Matthews that he is out there to impress the RAW GM tonight, and after Backlash – he will get his chance at the WWE Championship.


Returning from the commercial break, we hear “Booyaka 619” blaring over the PA system to a good sized reaction. The current Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio walks out from the back and walks to either side of the ramp and sets off his pyro. Mysterio then walks down the ramp, taking a few seconds to talk to a couple of fans wearing replica masks, he then climbs into the ring and ascends the turnbuckle. After Mysterio drops down to the mat, “Regality” plays over the PA system to a good sized amount of heat as William Regal, Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness walk out from the back. Regal is wearing a suit, Nigel is wearing his trunks but with a English Terror T-shirt and Drew is dressed to compete in his blue and white trunks without a shirt. The three of them walk halfway down the ramp before we notice that Regal has a microphone.

Regal begins his promo by stating that Rey Mysterio’s time with the WWE Intercontinental Championship is running out, he tells Rey to soak in the time that he has with the belt because soon enough – the championship will be Regal’s. William then introduces Rey’s opponent as The Sinister Scotsman, Drew McIntyre, the man who will defeat Rey tonight and prove that Rey does not deserve the Intercontinental Championship. Regal continues by telling Rey that he brings shame to that championship, and thus when Regal wins it, he will bring honour and glory to the championship, before bringing the European Championship back. Rey shakes his head as Regal’s music continues to play and the trio begin to walk down the ramp.

Rey had to keep his wits about him in this match as Regal and McGuiness were watching on from the outside, the two men shouted encouragement to Drew as he took the advantage early on by side stepping an on-coming Mysterio and then planted him with a back neckbreaker. From here, Drew kept inflicting more pain, as he bullied Rey around the ring, taking him from corner to corner. In each corner, Drew hit Rey with a combination of punches, kicks and elbows, and at one point even got a near fall after planting him with a suplex from the second rope. Regal was disappointed with the referee and made his feelings known. Drew got back on the offensive, locking in a half Boston Crab. Eventually, Rey managed to drag his body to the bottom rope, the referee pulled Drew off him and admonished him for keeping a hold of Rey. Meanwhile, behind the referees back, Nigel ran around the ring and kicked Rey in the head as he was resting his skull on the bottom rope. Drew then covered Rey but only got a two count. Regal then climbed onto the apron, and distracted the referee as Nigel climbed into the ring, Nigel picked Rey up and held him for Drew – McIntyre ran at them attempting a big boot but Mysterio ducked and McIntyre smacked McGuiness in the face. Drew looked shocked as McGuiness rolled out of the ring, Mysterio then rolled Drew up but only got a two count. Both men got up quickly, but Mysterio tripped Drew up and he landed on the second rope. Rey then hit the 619, knocking Drew into the middle of the ring, he then attempted to springboard, but Regal grabbed onto his leg, stopping him as Nigel was distracted the referee. Rey then kicked Regal away with his free foot, but this distraction allowed Drew to get up and knock Rey off the apron into an Regal, and as Rey fell into Regal, William smacked him in the face with a fist but a fist with a pair of brass knuckles on them, and he then rolled Rey into the ring and Drew covered him, getting the three count!

Drew rolls off Rey and has his hand raised by the referee as Regal grabs the Intercontinental Championship from ringside, while McGuiness slides into the ring and slaps Drew on the back while the two celebrate, no hard feelings about the boot to the face. After a few seconds, Regal joins the duo, stands in the middle of them and raises the Intercontinental Championship above the group’s head. Regal smirks down at Mysterio, before placing the belt across his stomach, and before leaving stomps his head as a parting gift. And then the fearsome trio walk up the ramp, to a chorus of boos, leaving Mysterio and his I.C Championship lying in the ring.


Back from the commercials, Ric Flair is sitting in his office, with some fine looking women at either side of him, suited and booted as he rifles through some papers. He is interrupted then, and the fans boo extremely loudly as Chris Jericho and The Miz barge into the room, both fuming. Flair gets up from his desk quickly and walks round to face the two angry men. Miz begins the round of complaints as he angrily asks Flair if he saw what happened earlier, Ric is about to respond but Miz cuts him off by saying it was rhetorical, he knows damn well that Flair saw it, and he probably enjoyed it. Jericho continues the verbal blasting at Flair by calling him a parasitic hypocrite for taking pleasure in the fact that they have lost the World Tag Team Championships, and he finishes his part by telling Flair that they demand a rematch. Flair smirks a little, he says he’ll get to the Tag Team Championships in a bit, but right now he wants to speak about what happened last week. Flair says that Jericho and Miz laid their hands on the RAW General Manager, and anyone with a brain wouldn’t do that, but now they have so they have to be punished. So, because of that they will not receive a rematch for the World Tag Team Championships. Miz and Jericho are irate, they step closer to Flair, but Ric doesn’t step back, standing face to face(s) with the two men, as the two women have worried explanations on their faces. Miz asks Flair that what stops them from doing it again, then Jericho says that this time they won’t leave him standing and he will have to resign as GM.

The crowd then cheer loudly as Shawn Michaels suddenly shows up, he walks past Miz and Jericho and stands next to Flair, Miz and Jericho take a step back. Shawn asks if there is a problem there, Jericho replies by saying that there is, but he and Miz will deal with the problem later, pointing at Ric, Miz then says that they haven’t forgotten about Michaels. The two men leave, leaving Flair and Michaels in the room with the women. Flair thanks Michaels for his help last week, and for just now, although Ric says he could’ve handled them. Michaels bats Ric on the back and says of course he could, Shawn starts to leave but Ric pulls him back by the arm. The RAW GM tells him that he shouldn’t be angry or upset by losing to Undertaker at WrestleMania, he tells Michaels that he’s heard from guys that you’ve been thinking about it a lot but some of the greatest Superstars of all time have went up against ‘Taker and none have managed to beat him. Shawn nods and tells Ric that he hears him, before leaving he looks at the girls and looks back at Ric before saying nothing’s changed, the two share a laugh before Michaels leaves. Ric turns to the girls, and sits between them on the couch as we fade away to the main arena.

Where “Get Down On Your Knees” blares out over the PA system and the All American American Jack Swagger saunters out from the back. He walks down the ramp, shouting former ECW Champion, and future WWE Champion, before doing a couple of push-ups at the foot of the ramp. He continues his journey to the ring and wraps it up as he slides in and waits for his opponent. Then, “This Fire Burns” blares out over the PA System, Mr Money in the Bank walks down the ramp to a good amount of cheers, he climbs into the ring and the referee starts the bell. But as soon as the two start to circle... bang! Fire suddenly shoots up from the stage, and Kane appears on the ramp. Punk turns to face Kane, and tells him to come down to the ring, Swagger takes total advantage from this and rolls Punk up, he grabs a hold of the tights and gets the quick three count!

Swagger quickly slides out of the ring, and backs up the ramp as Punk kneels on the mat, shaking his head, looking up at Kane. Kane starts to walk down to the ring, he gets behind Swagger before hitting him with a Uppercut to the throat on his way to the ring. Kane stands before the ring, staring up at Punk. Punk is in a crouched position telling Kane to get in the ring, Kane pulls himself up and climbs over the ropes. Punk rushes at Kane and its on, he clubs Kane over and over, but Kane pushes him away, Punk rebounds of the ropes and connects witha low drop kick, taking the big man down to one knee. Punk grabs his briefcase, sprints at Kane, but Kane grabs Punk by the throat, and he drops the briefcase. Kane tells Punk that he should never have awoken the demonic presence residing in him, he then hoists him up but Punk reverses and plants Kane with a DDT on the Money in the Bank briefcase. Punk slides away from Kane and sits in the corner, wide eyed, and running his hands through his hair, the fans are cheering as we head to a commercial break.


The fans begin to boo immensely as Randy Orton is shown in his locker room, drinking a bottle of water. Rhodes and DiBiase are sat in chairs, chatting amongst themselves. Orton interrupts them and the two stand up to listen to him, Orton tells Ted and Cody that he appreciates what they did earlier tonight, and he wants them to continue their good work by defeating Triple H and Kofi Kingston tonight. He says that he punted Goldust in the head, because he was sending a message to Triple H, at Backlash he will become WWE Champion.

It’s a blank screen, just darkness...

Male Narrator: It happens once a year... it’s time... to...

Vince McMahon appears on the screen, blackness behind him, smiling...

Vince McMahon: Shake things up again!

Vince fades away from screen...

Male Narrator: On Monday, May 4th, 2009... in a special Super Show featuring the Superstars of RAW...

We see quick fire shots of RAW Superstars hitting some finishing moves...

Male Narrator: And SmackDown...

Same thing again, but this time with SmackDown Superstars...

Male Narrator: World Wresting Entertainment brings you the 2009... WWE... Draft...

This time we get shots of Superstars from both brands staring into the camera...

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentleman... the WWE DRAFT!

A WWE Draft logo appears on the screen...

Male Narrator: The WWE Draft, a special three hour Super Show featuring Superstars from both brands. It’s

Vince McMahon: It’s time to shake things up again!

Back in the arena, Dolph Ziggler is already in the ring as his music begins to die out. Little to no reaction for Ziggles, though. Then, “Sexy Boy” plays over the PA system, and the fans go wild as Shawn Michaels dances out from the back. He walks down the ramp, making it half way before setting of his pyrotechnics by kneeling on the mat. Ziggler paces from side to side, while Michaels climbs into the ring and poses for the crowd. Michaels gives his accessories to the referee who hands them to ringside and gets the match underway. Ziggler walks to the centre of the ring, and extends his hand to Michaels, he says “Hi, My Name is Dolph Ziggler” with a smile on his face. Michaels looks out the crowd, and surprisingly shakes his hand, but Ziggler pulls his hand away at the last moment, runs it through is hair before flicking his hands at Michaels. Shawn looks out to the crowd, while Ziggler extends his neck and laughs at Michaels, but is then planted with Sweet Chin Music for the three count!

Michaels stands up immediately, and has the referee raise his hand in the air while Ziggler rolls out of the ring. Suddenly, “Break The Walls Down” plays over the speakers and out comes Chris Jericho. Jericho walks slowly down the ramp, in wrestling attire while Michaels stares at him, he knows he’s in for a fight and gets into a fighting stance. When suddenly, he is blindsided from behind by Jericho’s protégé The Miz. Michaels falls to the ground and Miz dives on top of him and begins hitting him over and over. Jericho slides into the ring, and locks in the Walls of Jericho! Miz lies on the mat, screaming profanities in Michaels face as Jericho wrenches the submission hold. The fans suddenly start cheering as John Morrison sprints down the ramp, Miz tells Jericho and the two get the hell out of there. Morrison checks on Michaels before staring at the two men and pointing at them, saying this isn’t over.


Back from the commercial break we hear “New Day” as Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, Legacy walk down the ramp to huge boos, no Randy Orton with them this time. Rhodes and DiBiase climb into the ring and hop on the spot, preparing for their opponent. “SOS” blares out over the PA system and the fans cheer loudly as Kofi Kingston hops out from behind the curtain, the popular star hits his pyrotechnics and continues down the ramp. He slides into the ring and keeps an eye on his opponents as DiBiase and Rhodes threaten to attack him. “Game” plays to a massive pop, a huge one, and Triple H, the WWE Champion begins to walk down the ramp. He walks around the ring, he climbs onto the apron and spits his water out before stepping into the ring.

Triple H starts the match for his team against Cody Rhodes, and The Game takes complete control in the early going, using his experience to keep Rhodes down. Triple H hits a number of his famous moves, getting some near falls before tagging in his partner. Kingston comes into the match ready for a fight, he takes the battle to Rhodes, connecting with some of his high-flying offense. But he didn’t see DiBiase get the blind tag when Rhodes was whipped to the ropes, DiBiase came in and nearly took Kingston’s head off with a clothesline. From there, Legacy were in complete control, using quick tags to keep each other fresh and on top. Eventually, Kingston managed to battle out and scamper across to The Game and get the hot tag. Triple H came in hot, taking the fight to Legacy, taking on both of them at the same time. The numbers started to take hold but then Kingston came in and took Rhodes over the top rope with him. That left Triple H and Rhodes in the ring, but then suddenly Randy Orton sprints down the ramp, sledgehammer in his hand! He slides into the ring and smashes it into HHH’s skull!

The referee calls for the bell, Kingston tries to get in the ring to help The Game but DiBiase grabs him and rams him into the steel steps. Orton climbs on top of The Game and pummels him with punch after punch. He tells DiBiase and Rhodes to hold up The Game, and then connects again with another sledgehammer blow. He instructs Rhodes to go get the WWE Championship, he hands it to Orton who holds it above his head, sending a message to the WWE Champion.


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