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Learning to break kayfabe
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Wrestling Grand Prix™

Dear Wrestlingforums.com,

Wrestling Grand Prix CEO Bob Backlund here, at your service. Welcome to the world of WGPX. Excuse me, 'Universe' would be much better terminology, as we do things a little differently around here. Hopefully, you've set your expectations high, because in Grand Prix, we only settle for the cream of the crop in the industry of professional wrestling. This, above all else, has been the deciding factor of our success since this company's proud founder, Antonio Inoki, first began this promotion in 1991. Today, we have evolved from our Puroresu roots, but it is still a heritage that we honor and pay tribute to at any given occasion.

In WGPX, there is an air of sportsmanship like no other, whether good or bad, every competitor fights his match as if it were the last one of his life. Interferences are rare, and rather than 'Sports Entertainment' style wrestling, here at Grand Prix, we want our matches to tell the story nine times out of ten. The odd man out in that equation will speak his mind via microphone, but if he does, this remains quite brief. Anything you need to say can almost always be told inside of the squared circle. So basically, we let our fists do the talking here...

We also approach terminology differently among how we determine the alignment of our competitors. For example, a traditional babyface in Grand Prix is almost always referred to as a 'Katakana,' meaning 'hero' in Japanese. Dually, a traditional heel is called a 'Kyoukan,' meaning 'villain.' This is more of a known secret among dedicated fans, and is almost never voiced through commentary, promos or elsewhere.

Rivalries in Grand Prix last much longer in order to give major and even sometimes minor feuds extra depth. Grudges between two or more wrestlers have gone on to last a year or more at a time, and still do occasionally to this day.

Transcribed here you will find the archives of my personal notes detailing the progression of our fine company, starting in the year of 2012. Obviously, there was no grand apocalypse, or I wouldn't have been able to detail anything beyond December 21st. Take that, ancient Mayan culture. But yes, back on topic - I've written down these events for the benefit of you, the mass of dedicated fans who live, eat and breathe our beloved sport. One day, this may be a collector's item. Or it could honestly just wind up catching dust in your Grandmammy's attic until your 37 years old and suddenly feel nostalgic.

Either way, we just want you to remember one thing - Wrestling Grand Prix CARES.

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