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Re: Official Undertaker WM Streak Thread - No Other Threads

Originally Posted by Proc View Post
This obviously is a purely hypothetical thought going through my head. It is not going to happen, but interesting to think about it.

Lesnar and Undertaker face each other at WrestleMania. Lesnar's contract is done and he thinks to himself "Fuck 'Taker and this fake shit" and shoots on Undertaker in the middle of the ring during the match. For example let's say he legit locks a storyline Kimura on his arm and breaks it in the middle of the ring in a split second.

Or he just knocks him out legit and goes for the cover. If the ref counts only to 2, claiming the K.O.'ed Undertaker would have gotten the shoulder up, Lesnar just goes for the cover again forcing the ref to count to 3.

The important thing in my scenario is that there is no chance for a Daniel-Puder-like quick count. So, what would happen? Lesnar breaks the streak clean in the middle of the ring?
What would happen, aside from various lawsuits that will bankrupt Lesnar & send him to jail if he cannot pay, is many Undertaker fans wanting to hurt Lesnar bad.

Originally Posted by Bad Blood View Post
If Cena world with Undertaker can not see him ending the streak
I'm not saying Cena'll end the Streak, I'm just saying it's possible.

Originally Posted by screw you mcmahon View Post
Well I would have to disagree on that point, because Vince almost never thinks along with fans. Everyone thought Cena would beat Rock at WM 28, didn't happen. We all thought Angle would fight Taker at WM 22, didn't happen. We all thought Jericho (or a lot of us at least) would win the 2012 RR, didn't happen. Would it surprise me if Taker's streak ended of course it would, but point being is that it wouldn't really surprise me anymore or less if Vince had someone like Austin or Rock end the streak as opposed to Cena, because let's face it Vince is capable of anything or everything at any time and isn't thinking along the lines of how everyone else thinks otherwise he wouldn't do matches such as Bossman vs. Taker at WM 15 which no one at the time thought he could be that dumb to pass over for Mankind vs. Undertaker after they had one of the greatest hell in the cell matches of all time the year before. Just because a guy like an Austin for example would come in part time doesn't mean that Vince doesn't play favorites with guys whom he considers to have a closest relationship with, because just like HHH, Mcmahon always gets what he wants when he wants and he what he really wants is for Bossman to stick his knife stick in his mouth.
While what you said is true that Vince is a brainless lunatic, none of what u said had anything to do with why the Streak would be ended by Brock Lesnar or The Rock. Vince is very protective of The Streak and was the first man to shoot down Stephanie's idea for The Streak to be ended by Triple H at WM 17 eleven years ago.

And it's well known that in the current state of WWE, Vince, Steph, and HHH are on agreement that The Streak should never be broken by anyone. that's why, for the life of me, I don't think those 3 will ever let a part-timer end The Streak.
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