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Re: 1001 And Beyond



Brock Lesnar makes his way to the ring to a chorus of heat, led to the ring by his manager Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman:Ladies and gentlemen, my name... is Paul Heyman. And standing to my side is the most dominant athlete to ever set foot in a WWE ring, BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOCCKKK

Paul Heyman:And this is the man at Summerslam, who will completely destroy your hero, the cerebral assassin and the man who is also known as the COO of the WWE Triple H. Triple H, ladies and gentlemen, has the accolades. Multiple World titles, Royal Rumble win, defeated every big name there is to defeat in the buisness but the key word in that equation is WAS

Paul Heyman Let's all face the facts, Triple H has passed his prime, he is over the hill, he has traded in his battle gear for a suit. You see Triple H went from the man who retired Mick Foley in Hell in a Cell, the man who had Stone Cold Steve Austin run down in cold blood, to the loving husband and father who wears a suit, and this is the man who thinks in his delusional mind that he can possibly step toe to toe with the ass kicking machine, the most dangerous man on the planet Brock Lesnar? It seems all those years of battle scars have taken their toll on your mind Game because this is not a wrestling match, this will be a fight, a fight you asked for mind you, a fight you cannot possibly win!

Mega heat

Paul Heyman: Triple H though, has never been a man to follow logic, to do what is best for himself and for his family, no Triple H is a man to run on only his silly pride and bravado and that will be his eventual downfall. You see Triple H will come to Summerslam foolishly, with both guns blazing trying, trying to take down Brock but in the end Brock is stronger, Brock is faster, Brock is more relentless, Brock Lesnar is superior to The Game in every way that Triple H once made himself to be and that is why come Summerslam you people will see the last of Triple H. it is a real shame though, because he may be Triple H to all of you, but to his family he is a husband named Hunter Helmsley and a father but after Summerslam, he wont be able to play with his kids anymore because he will be confined to a wheelchair and to poor Stephanie, well he will no longer be able to satisfy her in bed!

Ohhhhh!!! Brock takes the mic..

Brock Lesnar: After that Hunter, I'm going to show up in Connecticut, open your door, roll your crippled ass out of the way and show Stephanie what a REAL MAN looks like...


Triple H appears on the ramp wearing jeans and a HHH top with the most furious look he can muster up. He stands on the stage staring a hole into the duo, until he grabs a SLEDGEHAMMER from the back of his jeans and begins to walk to the ring. he steps in ready to destroy when...

Heyman: Wait just a second Mr. COO, need i remind you of the multiple lawsuits that have been put against your company for your violent attacks of me over the past weeks, Mr. Helmsley sir, so i suggest you save that anger for my client over here. Speaking of those lawsuits HHH, this brings me to the reason me and my client are out here tonight, you see those lawsuits will go to court September 1st and the damages we seek to claim from you and the WWE will completely cripple the WWE. Imagine that Triple H, all the illustrious history this company has produced, all the moments, the legends, Hogan, Rock, Austin, Cena all of it goes down the drain because of Triple H's ego.

Triple H is seething at Heyman

Paul Heyman: You don't want that Triple H, you don't want the legacy of this great industry, the legacy that your father in law and his father spent years to build to the global giant it is today to be killed by you? do you? This is why, me and Brock, we come to you with a proposal that you cannot possibly refuse. Let's raise the steaks shall we? Brock and I will drop the lawsuits against the WWE, if at Summerslam you put your position of COO on the line! So it goes like this, come August 19th at the Air Canada Centre, when my client destroys you and beats you within an inch of your life, I become the COO of the WWE! Do you have the balls Triple H, or has the prospect of facing Lesnar already taken your manhood....

HHH yanks the mic from Heyman

Triple H Do I have the balls, to put it all on the line?, do I have the balls to take on this war machine known as Brock Lesnar? Lesnar, I want you to look at me you beefed up piece of crap, and Heyman you fat son of a bitch! I want you to look me DEAD IN MY EYES when i say this, that I plan on going to Summerslam to DESTROY YOU! Since you want to put it all on the line, how about you do it too, when i beat Brock Lesnar to a bloody pulp, and put him down for the 1. 2. 3, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman, Leave the WWE, and NEVER COME BACK!

Pops for the raising of stakes! Brock yanks the mic from Heyman.

Brock Lesnar See you at Summerslam.. for the last time.

Triple H Looking forward to it

WHAMM!! Triple H nails Paul Heyman in the gut with the sledgehammer sending the ECW creator to the mat doubled over like he got shot. Lesnar nails Triple H knocking the hammer from his hands and the fist fight is on!! Back and forth they go! Triple H gets the advantage and kicks Brock in the gut.. PEDIGREE!! NO! Lesnar with the low blow! Lesnar grabs the hammer.... WHAM right in the head knocking Triple H to the ground out cold. Lesnar goes to pick up his fallen agent and walks him out of the arena has we go to commercial

We return to a recap of the events and see Triple H during the break being helped to the back by trainers and doctors.


Brodus Clay makes his way to the ring flanked by the Funkodactos Cameron and Naomi.

Vickie Guerrero EXCUSE ME! Ladies and gentlemen please let me present to you the future World Heavyweight Champion, and the man who will be the next World Heavyweight Champion! Dolph Ziggler!!


The Show Off makes his way to the ring!


Fallout: The match is pretty back and forth, Ziggler gets in control with his patented sleeper hold until, Jericho makes his way down the ramp to come watch the match... Ziggler goes on to nail the fameasser when... Jericho walks over to Vickie Guerrero. Vickie shouts at him inaudibly until he goes up to her and....KISSES HER!! Ziggler is distracted by this and when he turns around.. WHAT THE FUNK!! by Clay....



Brodus leaves the ring in celebration as Ziggler looks on in complete disgust and despair. Jericho shrugs his shoulders and tells Vickie to call him


We return to see Josh Matthews

Josh: Ladies and gentlemen, my guests at this time, The Men who will challenge for the the Tag Team Titles later tonight, the Prime Time Players and AW

AW Josh my man, tonight you will see the most up and coming duo in Wrestling today my boys Titus O'Neil and Darren Young tear through them boy R Truth and Kofi Kingston and win the tag titles!

Josh : Well AW many have called your team arrogant and brash and even too ahead of themselves in the face of their challenge tonight

AW Of course my team is arrogant because we get the damn job done, and do it better than anyone else and tonight we gonna prove why we are the best tonight with three words, so fellas...

Cut back to the arena


The US champion, Santino Marella makes his way down to the ring as jubilant as always.


Otunga comes out to the ring.

MATCH 2: David Otunga Vs Santino Marella

Santino defeats Otunga with the Cobra for the pin.

Aleluya De El Mesias

Damien Sandow comes out on the stage in his robe and scarf with a microphone in hand.

[COLOR="red"]Damien Sandow[/COLOR: Ladies and gentleman I am Damien Sandow the intellectual savior of you the unwashed masses and I am here to help all of you. For far too long false idols and imbeciles have run rampant all over this fine program with their nonsense poisoning the minds of you people as you hail them as your heroes you contribute to your own intellectual demise. Take this man, Santino Marella for instance , he with the IQ of a 6 year old chinchilla parades around these parts holding with him a title belt with the flag of this great nation on his shoulder, and that is a perfect representation of the total cesspool this nation has become.

Mega Heat

Sandow: This nation was built by great intellectual men such as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin but their memory seems to have been wiped away by men like you while you people have been brainwashed to love such a mockery. Not to fear however, because I Damien Sandow, your American Intellectual hero will rid this company of it's shackles of ignorance, because I am not the only man who shares such a passion for intellect and a passion for helping all of you ignorant drones. I have assembled myself and army of men who will bring this company to the promise land, ladies and gentlemen, i present to you, the Intellectual Coalition!

**Main Yash Hun**

Jinder Mahal walks alongside Sandow


Jack Swagger emerges from the back dressed in a black button up shirt and jeans.


Antonio Cesaro comes out dressed in his rugby uniform flanked by Aksana.

The four men walk down to the ring as Santino looks concerned when... WHAM Otunga from behind nails Santino with the coffee flask! All 5 men now in the ring begin to pummel on the fallen Italian champion. Swagger lifts him up for the Swagger bomb! Then Otunga lifts him up for the verdict! Sandow then grabs the limp Santino and drops him with the Finis neckbreaker. All five men join hands and in the ring as Sandow yells YOU'RE WELCOME!


**One Man band**

Heath Slater makes his way to the ring!



Actually a somewhat competitive match until Slater goes for his reverse neckbreaker but Jericho reverses it with the WALLS OF JERICHO!! HEATH SLATER TAPS!!


Jericho begins to celebrate when, ZIGGLER NAILS HIM WITH THE BRIEFCASE FROM BEHIND!! He shouts at him, ITS MY TIME NOW JERICHO! NOT YOURS!! He then rolls him over for THE WALLS OF JERICHO! Ziggler applies a ton of pressure until Jericho taps out on the mat! Ziggler satisfied with this goes down next to him and shouts at him...ITS MY TIME NOT YOURS ITS MINE!!!


AW appears on the stage

AW Ladies and man, I now present to you the million dolla duo, the most prized commodity on Raw today, the paper chasers, the fool slayers, Ladies and Gentlemen! The Prime Time Players!


Darren Young and Titus O'Neil juke and jive down to the ring.


Kofi and Truth get in the ring


Ending, Kofi has Darren down, and he revs up for the Trouble in Paradise when, AW gets on the ring apron... Kofi goes over and nails him with a right hand, Darren young rolls Kofi up... 1..........2..........3 !!!


Titus AW and Darren run up the ramp dancing around yelling millions of dollars!! with their new titles!

Meanwhile, back in the ring R Truth goes to his partner Kofi Kingston and shakes his hand, but then, TRUTH NAILS HIM BETWEEN THE LEGS!! he then drops him with the lie detector!! Truth grabs a chair from ringside and nails Kofi 7 times in a row with the steel chair!! officials run to the ring to break up Truth who is seething with a demonic look on his face!

We cut to the Parking lot to see the arrival of CM Punk to a big reaction, some boos but mostly cheers, as we got to commercial, we are reminded the Rock will call out Punk next!


The Rock makes his way to the ring to a giant reception.

The Rock: Finally...

Finally! The Rock has come back to Cinci-nati!

The Rock: The Rock is going to be perfectly honest with you guys here tonight, The Rock ain't in the mood for playing games, tonight, because it was last week in this very ring The Rock got ambushed by the WWE Champion CM Punk...

Mix of boos and cheers

The Rock: Now The Rock has a whole hell of alot of respect for Punk for what he's been doing this past year, from speaking his mind and calling out everyone, then winning the title in November and taking it all the way to August, The Rock is very damn impressed with Punk, however, the Rock is also a man. And as a man, last week The Rock got his ass handed to him in the middle of the ring on Raw 1000 and now The Rock wants answers from CM Punk, and he wants them now so The Rock says this, CM Punk bring your ass to this ring and face The Rock like a man!


Punk comes out to the ring to a very good reception from the people in Cinci.

Punk: Ladies and gentlemen, the people's champion The Rock! Rocky Rocky, you want to know why I put you to sleep in the middle of the ring on Raw 1000, well the answer is very simple it all stems back to April 2nd 2011....

Punk: That was the night the main event was made for Wrestlemania 28th, The Rock would take on John Cena! Eath shattering announcement that left a very very sour taste in my mouth and I will tell you why, for years upon years, it was the guy with the belt, either it was the World Heavyweight champ or the WWE champion was supposed to be in the closing match of the biggest show of the year Wrestlemania. But it didn't happen that way did it Rocky did it, no no it had to be you and the Peoples Ego the one who had to have the closing moments all to himself when it should have been me when i whipped Chris Jericho's ass! On June 27th 2011 when i spoke the truth on the stage I said the fact that you Dwayne was in the main event I wasn't made me sick and it still does to this day! And on Raw 1000, when it was MY match with MY title on the line you decided to jab your big egotistical nose where it didn't belong, you want an explanation Dwayne? There it is.

The Rock: Woah woah woah woah, Punk you mean to tell The Rock that this all about jealousy, that you attacked the Rock because you're sad that you got passed over for the main event of Wrestlemania, well let the Rock tell you something Punk about what The Rock did to get here. In 1995, while you were still in your bedroom with a gym sock i was dead broke, dying to break into the WWE, and four years later on my blood sweat and tears I whopped ass and took names all the way to the top, to have everyone in each and every arena, chant my name.


CM Punk: See Rock, I respect what you have done for the buisiness, but it's just that, what you have done, it's not about you or what you have done anymore it's about me and what I'm doing now! and for the last year while I took over I had everyone in the arena chanting CM Punk! CM Punk CM Punk!

CM Punk chants ring out!

CM Punk: So yeah while you made movies away from the ring, I'm making history within it so yeah I have a chip on my shoulder about you being here trying to take my spotlight and now you have been handed another opportunity at the Royal Rumble for the title and yeah I think that's complete and utter crap that you just waltz in and take another guys deserving spot but nonetheless I'm going to go to the Royal Rumble in about 5 months time with this title slung over my shoulder and do what I do best and that is win!

Mix of cheers and a bit of boos


John Cena makes his way to the ring to make and intense moment even more intense. Punk upset by Cena's arrival sits on the top rope looking far from amused.

CM Punk: Well here we go ladies and gentlemen, it really was a matter of time wasn't it, I mean this show is Monday Night Raw staring John Cena and a bunch of other guys in tights wrestling in a ring right? Well John you seem to need the spotlight to survive so here it is, take it, tell the world in as goofy an unintimidating a way why you're out here. We're dying to hear it!

Cena: Listen Punk, I'm not here to steal spotlights, hey I'm not even out here to talk with the Rock, I'm here to talk about the WWE title.

CM Punk: The only thing you can really discuss about this belt with me is about how I am champion because last week, YOU. LOST! But I guess it is true John Cena fashion to run out and demand everything being handed to you

Cena: Punk, you know damn well that that match was a screw job of a finish but thanks to Mr McMahon, the Big Show is gone from Raw! You really want to be known as the guy who couldn't win a clean match Punk? Or are you gonna be a man like I know you are and fight me, one on one, Summerslam.

CM Punk: (gets off his perch on the turnbuckle.) Cena, Punk, Summerslam Part 2, Cena, you're on! But on one condition, I want that man over there behind you, Dwayne The Rock Johnson to be the special guest referee!

Huge Pop but alot of confusion at his proposal

CM Punk: You're all confused? Let me explain, see at the Royal Rumble I will be the champion and I will defeat The Rock, but before then I want the Rock to be the guy that's going to raise my hand in victory so for once in your life you will feel like the second fiddle, C'mon Rock, I know your ego wants it, the power to sway the title match anyway you want it, that's what you live for isn't it? Stealing the show, here's your chance, whaddya say...

The Rock: Special referee, Summerslam, L.A, Punk you got yourself a deal... and you know what The Rock says this, he's going to walk into Toronto to call this match right down the middle but Punk let the Rock warn you of one thing, you even look at the Rock the wrong way the Rock will take off that ref shirt, shine it up, turn that sumbitch sideways and stick it STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!

CM Punk: Alright, and you're done for tonight Dwayne, So there we go Cena, at Summerslam, I am going to show you, who the man is in this company by beating you one on one. But maybe I'm already the man aren't I? I mean while you struggled and clamoured and did your best to get these people to love you, while they booed you out of arenas, I got CM Punk chants all over the world, but what did WWE management, decide, huh? at Over the Limit instead of putting the damn good match me and Bryan put on to end the Pay per View, we got Cena vs Clown Shoes Laurenitas? Never again. Because at Summerslam, when I beat you, I will become the face of the WWE and no one will ever overlook me again, not you, not Dwayne, not Vince, not any of the WWE universe because I once again prove I am the Best in the World!

Cena: You know what Punk, best in the world, maybe these people here aren't sold on Summerslam yet, maybe we give them a preview, right now?

CM Punk: Hey I may just give them a spoiler, because I'm about to do what I'm going to do at the Summerslam and kick your ass.

Both men drop their mics and square up, Punk fires the first blow and the fist fight is on, Cena and Punk fire back and forth until Cena gets the upper hand and knocks Punk to the canvas with a wicked right as he goes to grab Punk, The Rock tries to restrain Cena but Cena shoves the Rock out of the way causing him to stumbled. Punk gets up and goes for a kick to which Cena ducks. Cena runs at Punk with a shoulder block, misses, and NAILS THE ROCK! Cena looks down regretfully, as Punk clubs Cena again from behind. Punk goes for another right hand, Cena ducks, lifts him up for the back body drop! Punk at this rolls out of the ring when ROCK BOTTOM FROM THE ROCK TO CENA!! The Rock pulls Cena to the middle of the ring and goes for the Peoples elbow! he comes off the ropes goes off the others when PUNK LOW BRIDGES THE ROCK SENDING THE GREAT ONE TO THE FLOOR BELOW! Punk rolls back in the ring, grab the fallen Cena up for the GTS! AND CONNECTS! Punk gives Cena the You can't See me and grabs his belt exiting up the ramp. The Rock is shown next to the barricade dumbstruck by the events that just happened as Punk lifts his belt in the air at the top of the ramp yelling BEST IN THE WORLD!!




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