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Had It With That God Damn WWE Fan!!!

OK, does anyone know if "Over-acting WWE mark" guy's story is legit?

I got so tired of this guy a long time ago. I hate how he's always in the same shirt, and almost always in the same general seating area. And I hate how he tries to come off as so humble and just shrugs everything off with "Just a loyal fan!". Right, jackass, like as if you don't wear that same shirt to make sure you get noticed almost every fucking week on Raw!!!

Is this douche just rich and decided to follow WWE every week? He doesn't have a job and/or any responsibilities?

Just annoys me how some people in this world can appear to be void of any responsibility and really can do what they want.

And yes, I am somewhat jealous. I've been a fan for many more years than this guy, but because he's "financially secure" he gets to see way more events than I do? Fuck that shit, and fuck this supermark.

Sorry if this is a lame rant, but the fact that this guy appears to lead a financially-carefree life and he can afford to do this almost every week infuriates me.

Rant over!

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