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Smackdown 2nd week after Survivor Series.

Stephanie comes out.

Steph: I have many things to discuss about. I am first talking about RVD. That little SOB hit Vince with the Van Daminator and set us up with the return of a Austin. Unfortunily he won't be back and thank god neither will Rob Van Dam.

The crowds boos

Steph: I hate to inform you this but Rey Mysterio hurt himself in a match against Tajiri. He will be on reserve 6 to 9 months.

The crowds boos louder

Steph: And finally I announce two matches for Armageddon. First since the Rock has abandoned the WWE and its title. The title is now vacant and the new champ will be determined at the PPV. It will be a six man elimination match featuring Brock Lesnar, Big Show, Eddie Guerrero, Edge, Chris Beniot, and Kurt Angle.

The crowd cheers

Steph: Now you know the WWE is in trouble. And now because of it their will be some wrestler cuts. That why at Armageddon there will be two 15 man battle royal. One for Raw and one for Smackdown. The Smackdown one will feature Albert, B2, Bill Demott, Chris Kanyon, Rikishi, Big Bossman, Crash, Funaki, Jamie Noble, Mark Henry, Nunzio, Ron Simmons, Shannon Moore, Spanky and Tajiri. 15 will walked in 1 will walk out still employed.

The crowd boos.

Match 1
The Returning Chris Kanyon vs Rikishi
Kanyon wins with interference from John Cena and B2.

Kurt Angle says the title means more to him then anything.

Match 2
Matt Hardy Version 1 vs. Shannon Moore #1 Contenders Match for Crusierweight Title.
Matt Hardy wins with a Low Blow.

Chris Beniot gives a promo saying why he deserves the Title.

Match 3
Brock Lesnar vs. Eddie Guerrero
Brock wins with an F5. Big Show attacks Brock after the match.

Eddie gives his promo on why he deserves to win.

Match 4
Billy Kidman vs. Tajiri (Crusierweight Title)
Billy Kidman wins with Matt Hardy Interference. He knocks them both out with steel chairs.

Matt grabs the mic.

Matt: Billy thats what you get for holding my precious Crusierweight Title. And Tajiri thats what you get for being to stiff lately.

Edge's turn for the promo on the title.

Match 5
Los Guerreros vs. Billy and Chuck
Billy and Chuck win thanks to interference by Angle, and Beniot.

Aftermath: Three Minute Warning interferes and beats up Billy and Chuck.

Brock Lesnar says how much the title means to him.

You see RVD arrive with a ticket.

Big Show vs. Beniot and Angle in a Handcap Match
Angle and Beniot win with interference from RVD knocking them all out and putting Beniot over Big Show and forcing the ref to count. RVD raises there hands in unity without Beniot and Angle knowing what happened.

Stephanie comes out in disbelief as Kurt and Beniot look at RVD and knock him down.

Steph: Beniot and Angle you better watch who you align yourself.

Angle and Beniot in disbelief try to figure out what happened in the match.

RVD grabs the mic

RVD: Lets face it you let the fucking Big Show hold the belt, but not either me or Beniot. Now Beniot no matter what the Bookers say your walking out the WWE champ.

The camera focuses on Beniot.

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