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Re: Official Undertaker WM Streak Thread - No Other Threads

Originally Posted by TaylorFitz View Post
I hate to break it to you but it would appear that you have terrible taste in wrestling.
Oh, I'm sorry if I upset you by not treating Lesnar like the faultless ultra demi-god most of IWC apparently do.

Originally Posted by Bad Blood View Post
Undertaker and Lesnar have a track record on working great matches with each other can do again
Not if Lesnar stays as stiff as Mark Henry.

Originally Posted by zep81 View Post
I do wonder if Lesnar bringing his UFC style this time is his decision or Vince's tbh, like you say, back in the day he was awesome, had a great, powerful moveset, wether he wants to do all that now and/or take bumps im not sure, i can't see it changing for the remainder of his current WWE run.

I do wish he'd mix it up more, there was a glimpse of that in the HHH match,

Saying that, i enjoyed Cena/Lesnar
No offense, so that means as long as Lesnar dominates Undertaker for 99% of the match and Undertaker pulls a last minute Tombstone to seal the victory, you'll like Taker/Lesnar?

Originally Posted by NoLeafClover View Post
I have to say, I agree 100%. I have no interest in seeing Taker/Lesnar. None at all. I'll disagree with you on the point of Cena/Lesnar...that match was very good, but HHH/Lesnar was boring and one dimensional.
I profoundly believe Cena/Lesnar is just as bad as HHH/Lesnar.

Seriously, Cena/Lesnar has everything I hate from Taker/Lesnar at No Mercy 2002. It had a decent back and forth first half but for the second half, it was basically a squash match with Lesnar destroying Taker, slow paced too. But many people I know consider it to be one of the, if not, the greatest HIAC match of all time. And for the life of me, I don't think I can ever decipher the reason why so many people jerk off over Lesnar winning a squash match. It's the same formula with Cena/Lesnar only with Lesnar suddenly losing in the end for no reason.

I admit Lesnar had better matches with people who can really follow his movements and trade techniques with him like Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit, but seriously, his matches with Hogan, Taker, Cena, Rock, and HHH are overrated and praised only because he looked dominant throughout, that's all.

If WWE do Taker/Lesnar with the way Lesnar is now, I have no doubt it will be Taker's worst WM match ever since WM 22 with Henry.

But if Lesnar is allowed & able to channel his old-self, we might be getting a mix of two classic, Taker/Angle at No Way Out 2006 & Taker/Batista at WM 23, which can only mean MOTY.

But since there's no sign pointing to that as of now, I'll side with the former.

Originally Posted by NoLeafClover View Post
It tried to be a brawl, and a shoot style fight, but fell short, but never really became the "fight" that it was billed as.
Yet so many people still regard it as MOTN. Goes to show u how far many people in IWC are willing to suck Lesnar's dick.

Originally Posted by NoLeafClover View Post
At this stage in Taker career, he shouldn't be putting on a "fight" at Wrestlemania with Lesnar. He should be putting on another top notch, show stealing match.
Oh, don't worry. Even if the match turns mediocre, I'm sure many people in IWC will still praise it simply because it has Lesnar, one of the most beloved IWC Darlings of all time, in it.

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