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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show/Triple H & Kurt Angle Dumping Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Obis View Post
Top 10 MOTY 2011:

1) Punk/Cena MITB
2) Orton/Christian OTL
3) Orton/Christian SS
5) Punk/Cena SS
6) Christian/Del Rio ER
7) Edge/Ziggler RR
8) Punk/Ziggler Raw November
9) Punk/Cena Raw August/September (can't remember date)

Now that I think about it, Taker/HHH might not even make my top 20. I'll post 11-20 when I get home and see. It would even surprise me to not have it in my top 20.
So about that 11-20:

11) Cena/Mysterio Raw
12) Barrett/Bryan SS
13) Miz/Morrison Raw Jan 3
14) Henry/Show Vengeance
15) Punk/Cena Raw (in January... I think. The one where Punk gets Cena DQ'd by having Ryan attack him)
16) Punk/Del Rio SVS
17) Punk/Cena/Del Rio HIAC
18) Punk/Miz/Del Rio TLC
19) Punk/Mysterio CP
20) WWE Title #1 Contender EC

... *rolls up sleeves* this is gonna be a long day. I will not rest until I find where I have Taker/HHH!

21) Punk/Mysterio/Del Rio Raw June
22) Riley/Rey vs. Miz/Swagger Raw
23) Edge/Kane Jan 7 LMS
24) Orton/Rhodes SD
25) Punk/Orton WM27
26) Taker/HHH WM27
27) Edge/Del Rio WM27
28) Henry/Orton NOC
29) Orton/Christian MITB
30) Rhodes/Mysterio WM27

Okay, so number 26! Made top 30 at least.

I'm watching you...

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