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Re: Official Undertaker WM Streak Thread - No Other Threads

Originally Posted by The Pied Piper View Post
Are you kidding me?

Lesnar has turned into a one dimensional bore fest... his current shoot style of offense doesn't mesh well at all with the current roster of talent. Both Brock vs Cena and Brock vs HHH were some of the most overhyped, boring matches of their respective pay-per-views because suddenly Brock's 'forgotten' half of his move set to appease the MMA fans out there... if I wanted to watch MMA I'd go watch UFC or strikeforce, he either needs to get with the 'entertaining' part of sports entertainment or go back to getting his fights stopped and his ass beat over in one of the MMA circuits.

Lesnar vs Taker would almost be tragic. If people are expecting to see MMA style brawl in Taker vs Lesnar, the only thing they will receive is an upset. Did anyone here even watch the Summerslam match? half an hour of boring ass punches, the old Lesnar was technical and enjoyable to watch - belly to bellys, snap suplexes, german suplexes, gutbusters, powerbombs, spinebusters, powerslams the list goes on he used to go out and put on a show, now he's just plain boring with shoulder thrusts and pretend punches for a whole match.

And that means Taker has to carry him to a good match. And if WM 9, 11, 15, 19, and 22 tell us anything, it's that Taker is bad at carrying stiff opponents.

Though, I have no doubt so many people will still worship Taker/Lesnar at WM 29 even though it may be mediocre & one sided like their No Mercy 2002 outing (one of the best HIAC match ever my ass!).

If Lesnar/Taker wants to be a classic, Lesnar has to bring his old style back. That way, we can see rapid paced big man vs big man match like the ones Taker had at WM 12, 14, and 23.

Well, let's hope this time Borden is wiser and finally realizes 1 match with The Phenom at Wrestlemania 29 is bigger than any possible match he can have in TNA against a drug addict or some no named youngsters.
I hate to break it to you but it would appear that you have terrible taste in wrestling.
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