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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

Monday Night Raw (August 15, 2011)

We open the show with the announcer’s hyping up the draft as well as tonight’s main event with Jack Swagger challenging CM Punk for his WWE Championship. They then talk about tonight’s first match with Mason Ryan having to defend his US Championship against three other Raw superstars!

Match One: United States Championship
The returning Alberto Del Rio defeats Mason Ryan, R-Truth and the returning Kofi Kingston in a fatal 4-way match with no draft picks on the line to win the United States Championship after Kofi hit Truth with the Trouble in Paradise and he capitalized on it by making the pin.

After the match Ricardo Rodriguez announces him as the new United States Champion in Spanish and the duo pose to a lot of heat from the crowd.

We go backstage to a Chris Jericho interview with Scott Stanford and Y2J says that Randy Orton isn’t getting away with last night’s victory and pretty much that it is not over between the two of them.

Match Two: One Draft Pick
Raw’s Kharma defeats Smackdown’s Eve in a squash match with the Implant Buster.

After the match we see the random wrestler generator on the big screen tick around until it lands on Intercontinental Champion and Money in the Bank briefcase holder Justin Gabriel!

Draft Pick #1: Justin Gabriel to RAW

The crowd boos as Justin walks out onto the stage with his manager Matt Striker and his briefcase and title and the announcers point out that this now means that Intercontinental Champion Justin Gabriel and United States Champion Alberto Del Rio are now on the same show.

We go backstage to The Straight Edge Society and CM Punk scolds Mason Ryan for losing his US title to Alberto Del Rio. He says that he is now the last SES member with a championship and he needs to retain the title tonight against Jack Swagger and he is relying on help from all three of them to make it happen.

Match Three: Two Draft Picks
In a non-title match, Smackdown’s World Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty defeat Raw’s WWE Tag Team Champions Evan Bourne & Rey Mysterio after some distraction courtesy of Michael Hayes and a Hart Attack on Bourne.

After the match the draft generator ticks around until it reaches the first pick of two, John Morrison!

Draft Pick #2: John Morrison to SMACKDOWN

There is a huge pop as Morrison walks out onto the stage with his Money in the Bank briefcase and poses for the fans before walking backstage, ready to live up to his new moniker of The Friday Night Delight. The generator then ticks around a second time before reaching… Rey Mysterio!

Draft Pick #3: Rey Mysterio to SMACKDOWN

There is a mixture of cheers and gasps as we cut to a shocked Rey Mysterio in the ring. He turns to his tag team partner and the other half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Evan Bourne and hugs him before they walk backstage, with Mysterio still visibly shocked about what has happened.

We go backstage to CM Punk walking down a corridor, now on his own, before he runs into World Heavyweight Champion Christian who receives a huge pop. Christian stops Punk and says that it’s a big moment that the two major champions are both on Raw for one night. Punk laughs in his face and calls Christian an inferior champion. He says that he has bigger issues to tend to like a knee that needs taping up before his match in the main event. He walks off without another word to the shocked Captain Charisma.

Match Four: One Draft Pick
In a match with the Intercontinental Championship on the line, Raw’s newest recruit Justin Gabriel defeats Smackdown’s Ezekiel Jackson in the latter’s rematch for the title after a 450° Splash.

After the match Gabriel celebrates with Matt Striker as we cut to the screen where Raw gets another draft pick… and it is Cody Rhodes!

Draft Pick #4: Cody Rhodes to RAW

There are boos as Cody Rhodes, without Ted DiBiase, walks out onto the stage and looks around before smirking and walking backstage, ready to take on Raw after being unsuccessful in capturing the World Heavyweight Championship from Christian last night.

We go backstage to Jerry Lawler in his office and Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne barge into his office and ask what happens now that Mysterio is on Smackdown. Lawler says that regrettably, Mysterio is now ineligible to participate on Raw and Bourne has to defend the titles alone. The WWE Tag Team Champions protest but Lawler calms them down and says that something will be worked out for next week.

Match Five: One Draft Pick
Smackdown’s Wade Barrett defeats Raw’s Zack Ryder in a short match with the Wasteland to earn Smackdown another pick.

We cut to the generator and Smackdown’s newest superstar turns out to be Alberto Del Rio!

Draft Pick #5: Alberto Del Rio to SMACKDOWN

The crowd boos as the United States Champion as of tonight in Del Rio walks out onto the stage accompanied by his announcer Ricardo Rodriguez and he announces him as Smackdown’s newest member before the commentators say that the United States and Intercontinental Championships have now effectively swapped shows.

We go backstage to an interview with The Miz who says that last night he was robbed in his fatal 4-way match and that he should be facing CM Punk tonight. He says that Jack Swagger should watch out if he somehow wins the title because he will be the first one to take it from him. He also hypes up the big 16-man battle royale for 4 draft picks later tonight saying that he will be the sole survivor.

Match Six: Two Draft Picks
Raw’s Dolph Ziggler and new member Cody Rhodes defeat Smackdown’s Shelton Benjamin and new member John Morrison after Vickie Guerrero interfered and Ziggler hit the Zig Zag on Shelton.

After the match the heels celebrate as we cut once again to the screen to realise Raw’s two newest draft picks. The Smackdown roster ticks around until it slows and lands on Beth Phoenix!

Draft Pick #6: Beth Phoenix to RAW

There is a mixed reaction leaning towards boos as The Glamazon walks out onto the stage and poses as the announcers mention that Beth Phoenix and Kharma are now on the same show and they talk up the possibility of a rivalry. We then go back to the wheel, which spins around again and lands on the next pick and the crowd is shocked to see that it is… World Heavyweight Champion Christian!

Draft Pick #7: Christian to RAW

The crowd is shocked but nevertheless there is a huge pop as Christian walks out onto the stage and poses, soaking in his new home of Monday Nights. The announcers mention that the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship are now on the same show and ponder about how this will be resolved. They take the opportunity to segue into talking about tonight’s title defense with CM Punk taking on Jack Swagger in the main event.

We go backstage to an interview with Justin Gabriel and Matt Striker and Striker says that Raw has gained the greatest asset in the WWE. He says that Gabriel has titles; trophies, money, success and women and now he will be able to showcase all of these things in front of a live audience. Gabriel himself then takes the microphone and tells Monday Nights to prepare themselves for him.

Match Seven: Four Draft Picks
In a high stakes battle royale, Smackdown’s Randy Orton is the sole survivor in a match that includes Chris Jericho, Brodus Clay, Ted DiBiase, Daniel Bryan, The Great Khali, Trent Barreta and Alex Riley also representing the blue brand and The Miz, Tyler Reks, Carlito, Primo, Drew McIntyre, Paul Burchill, Joseph Mercury and Seth Rollins representing Raw.

After the match Chris Jericho, who was eliminated by Orton, attacks The Viper and the two brawl up the ramp and to backstage as we go to the screen for the first of four draft picks… and it is The Straight Edge Society!

Draft Pick #8: The Straight Edge Alliance (Joseph Mercury and Seth Rollins) to SMACKDOWN

There are boos as Mercury and Rollins, still outside the ring after being eliminated earlier, are shocked that they are now heading to Friday nights. The announcers mention that this splits them from their leader CM Punk and also Mason Ryan and talk about how the future of the faction now seems bleak. We go to the titantron once again for the second draft pick and it is… The Miz!

Draft Pick #9: The Miz to SMACKDOWN

There are boos as The Miz, still on the outside, seems very unhappy with the decision and starts to throw a tantrum, attacking inanimate objects and parts of the ring. We don’t have time for his antics though as we cut back to the screen and see that the third consecutive draft pick for Smackdown is… The Women’s Champion Kharma!

Draft Pick #10: Kharma to SMACKDOWN

There are boos as Kharma gets onto the apron and poses like a monster with her title as the announcers say they spoke too soon about Beth Phoenix and Kharma both being on Raw. They also mention that now the Women’s and Divas Championships are now both on Smackdown and they tease a confrontation with Kharma and Roxxi in the near future. We then go back to the screen for the night’s final draft pick and it is… Jack Swagger!

Draft Pick #11: Jack Swagger to SMACKDOWN

There is a big pop as The All-American American walks out onto the stage and beats his chest and smiles, knowing he is going to Smackdown and that he also has the chance to take the WWE Championship to the blue brand tonight. The announcers talk this up as a possibility as Swagger makes his way down to the ring seeing as the main event is up next anyway.

Main Event: WWE Championship
CM Punk defends his title against Smackdown’s newest superstar Jack Swagger in a match that has the potential to change the scene of the WWE completely. The match is rather even at first until Mason Ryan, who is at ringside to help Punk, distracts the referee and allows Punk to hit Swagger with a low blow and gain momentum. Punk dominates the match and Ryan tries to interfere again on his behalf but World Heavyweight Champion and new Raw superstar Christian runs down to the ring and takes out Mason Ryan with the Killswitch! The crowd pops, as a shocked CM Punk looks on in the ring and Jack Swagger rolls him up but only for a two count! The action continues evenly for another minute or so before Swagger gets on a roll and picks Punk up for a Gutwrench Powerbomb… only for Punk to slide off and pick up Swagger and hit him with the GTS! The crowd boos as Punk covers, 1…2…3!

There are boos as CM Punk has retained his WWE Championship, meaning the two major titles in the WWE stay on Raw. Swagger rolls out of the ring in pain as Punk celebrates but World Heavyweight Champion Christian slides into the ring and the two champions hold up their respective titles and stare each other down to end the show on an explosive note.

Supplemental Draft Results

Draft Pick #12: Daniel Bryan to RAW
Draft Pick #13: Roxxi to RAW
Draft Pick #14: Milan 2 Moscow (Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov) to SMACKDOWN
Draft Pick #15: Alex Riley to RAW
Draft Pick #16: Layla to SMACKDOWN
Draft Pick #17: The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso) to RAW
Draft Pick #18: Gail Kim to SMACKDOWN
Draft Pick #19: The Punjab Parallel (The Great Khali and Jinder Mahal) to RAW
Draft Pick #20: Tamina to RAW
Draft Pick #21: Curt Hawkins to SMACKDOWN
Draft Pick #22: AJ to RAW
Draft Pick #23: Nikki Bella to SMACKDOWN
Draft Pick #24: Heath Slater to RAW

Other News

Sheamus has left the WWE due to personal reasons. His return to the company in the future is said to be welcomed.
Sin Cara has been fired due to poor performance. The WWE wishes him well in his future endeavours.
Chris Masters has been fired due to a breach of the WWE wellness policy. The WWE wishes him well in his future endeavors.
Skip Sheffield has been sent back to developmental to work on his skills.
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