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WWE Thursday Night Smackdown Preview May 27th, 2004

The aftermath of Judgment Day is now over, but Paul Heyman’s Coalition continues to bring the battle to the rest of the Smackdown roster.

Anybody who thought since The Coalition weren’t successful at Judgment Day they might back off a little, were very wrong. Paul Heyman and his band of followers seem more determined than ever, on making sure that the WWE Championship comes back to The Coalition. Last week, fresh off of Judgment Day, Heyman forced the WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero to defend his title in a steel cage match against Matt Morgan. Despite the big man’s best efforts, Guerrero was able to pick up the victory, however as he was making his way up the ramp, he was taken out with a Chokeslam from The Big Show. The Big Show then announced, and Heyman has confirmed that Eddie will be defending his WWE Title against Big Show tonight. Just how many weeks in a row can Eddie pull out a big match performance and retain his title before The Coalition just becomes too much?

Whilst a majority of The Coalition seems focused on the WWE Title, Heyman has made it clear from the get go that he is none too happy with John Cena being in possession of the WWE United States Championship. The two men who have been allocated the job of screwing Cena out of the title are Rhyno and A Train. This became clear last week when John Cena went up against the WWE Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero in a champion vs. Champion match, and Rhyno cost Cena the victory. This week Cena will face Chavito again, except this week Cena’s US Title will be on the line, will Cena be able to overcome the odds this week? And just what will the egomaniac Chavo do to ensure that he becomes a double champion?

Speaking of the Cruiserweight division, one man who seems ready to just about explode is Jamie Noble. He unfortunately came up short on his quest for the Cruiserweight Title at Judgment Day, and when asking Heyman for a rematch last week, Heyman gave Noble some serious attitude. Not one to take things lying down, Jamie had a crack back, and this lead to the redneck getting into a heated confrontation with Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle is one of, if not the best wrestler in the entire WWE, and everybody knows Noble has a whole lot of heart, but will that be enough for him to keep up with Kurt Angle tonight?

Much like the US Title match, we have another rematch of last week as Sean O’Haire will face Paul London again. O’Haire hasn’t been pinned and hasn’t submitted all year; however last week he did lose his first match of the year, when he couldn’t put London away, got frustrated and whaled on him with a chair. O’Haire, the self proclaimed saviour of Smackdown, would have continued the attack if it wasn’t for Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman making the save, so London will be looking for revenge tonight. Will that motivation be enough for London to get the win, or will O’Haire prove that he can beat Paul London?

Tune in this week on Smackdown to see all of this, the return of The APA, and much, much more.

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