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Re: TEW2013 Announced

Developer's Journal begins!

#1: Fog Of War

Taking a page out of the WMMA playbook, 2013 will be the first in the TEW line to feature Fog Of War.

Every character in the game now has five scouting categories; In-Ring, Entertainment, Gimmick, Announcing and Refereeing. These categories indicate how much is known about the character in relation to that particular area, and are rated between level 1 and 10.

Each time a character makes an appearance in which any of those scouting categories come into play, he will gain scouting points; get enough scouting points and the scouting category increases to the next level. Less points are needed at the lower levels; for example, a rookie can jump from In-Ring level 1 to 2 in a relatively small number of matches, but getting from 9 to 10 takes a lot longer. On top of that, the larger the audience the character is working on front of, the more scouting points he can gain.

The scouting levels impact is felt when viewing any character's skills as it decides two things; how many categories are available to see, and how accurately they are rated. To illustrate this, here is what you'd be able to see for three different Entertainment scouting levels:

At Level 1: you get one category ("Overall") rated as either Weak, Average or Strong.

At Level 5: you get two categories ("Entertainment" and "Camera") rated as one of nine descriptions ranging from Abysmal to Excellent.

At Level 10: you get all six categories (Microphone, Charisma, Acting, Star Quality, Sex Appeal and Menace) each rated between 1 and 100.

Each 'jump' in scouting level alternates between either opening up more categories or improving how accurate the descriptions are.

The concept behind this is that the more inexperienced the worker, the more of a gamble you will be taking in dealing with them as you'll have far less precise data to work with, making the whole concept of roster management far more realistic and less about simply comparing numbers \ grades. Of course, the AI is also handicapped in the same way to even the playing field.

As you would expect, scouting levels can be set via the editor.

This feature can be disabled entirely via the Options menu.
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