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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Hmmm... like Jamjam I wasn't really that sure on the opening segment here. It seemed that Long coming out wasn't needed because he didn't really do anything special here, except from announcing the main event. I'd have just put the tag team match in the preview, and started off the show with Cena/Edge/Show/Vickie etc. But glad you nailed the Teddy Long classic tag team match main event Kozlov wasn't that interesting at this time because as I remember he had been beaten twice before Wrestlemania, so I understand you getting him out here to open the show in order to build him back up to monster status. Also glad you kept Kozlov's dialogue, and Bourne's for that matter, to a minimum as neither are exactly blessed on the mic. I liked the story the match told as well with Bourne continually trying to get offence in, but Kozlov cutting him short each time, and the win for the Russian was inevitable really. A solid match and a decent sized scalp for Kozlov to take on his ascent back up the ranks, but where does Bourne go from here? Possibly the US Title. As I said, good match, but I don't think this should have opened the show given how exciting the Smackdown main event is at the moment coming out of Wrestlemania.

I liked this little conversation between Cena and Edge here, but I think you could have opened the show with these two talking in the ring, as either one of them has plenty to talk about given the events of last week. I really liked Edge here though, and you've got him right purely because even though he said he wasn't we all knew he would.

The Divas division could have been great at this point in time irl if some effort was put into it from creative but we all know how that goes. Big win for Gail which will do her the world of good going into Backlash, would have liked to have seen this match get a little more time though, maybe just a couple of extra minutes. You have a good division there with the women involved so I know you'll deliver with the Divas.

I really can't remember any particular MVP promo, but this interview didn't really do it for me. It seemed a little generic, (I know I'm not the one to talk about promos though ) but looking forward to the US Title match nonetheless!

Dream Match for this time period with Christian taking on Jeff, and I understand that Jeff had to win in order for his programme with Matt to continue, but I'll go on record and say that I despise Jeff Hardy for some reason, and I'm not exactly keen on Matt either (I do like Matt in this thread though). Christian not winning the US Title shot last week surprised me and he's gone on to lose here again, so like Bourne, I'm wondering what he has to do now, unless you are starting some sort of losing streak angle, but I trust that you have plans for Captain Charisma. Jeff shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a microphone, but once again I understand why you've had him have these few words after the match because of his issues with Matt. Surprised Matt didn't come out for the fight, but it is textbook heel to dodge the fair fight only to attack from behind afterwards, so nice heel booking for Matt there.

Right now down to business! The Brian Kendrick was such a good character, and I like that you are using him well so far, and his tag team with Jackson was something they didn't really explore as far as I remember so it is good to see something refreshing here. Good promo from Brian, and I liked that Zeke got in his little line too. You got all of the accenty bits for Carlito and Primo dead on, which just makes it all seem that more authentic because you took the time to do that. Having the Tag Titles on the Backlash card is good, and even better considering there are two sets of them so hopefully the Raw ones will make it onto the card too. Having Carlito and Primo pull something like that off at the end is good purely because it will help them get over with the fans. Reminds me when the Tag Team Champions were sometimes the most over guys on the roster many year ago. Good segment to really give a midcard feud a chance for some decent air time.

Simple interview with R-Truth, a little generic again but it did its job. Would have preferred to hear from Shelton, personally

I liked this from Edge and Vickie, was a really well written segment and a good way to end their relationship for good. I'm a little sick after having to look back and replay the moments where Vickie and Big Show kissed Typical Edge putting the title first, you have his mentality just right, with no real care about anyone else other than himself. Big Show coming down to the ring was no surprise, but I didn't expect him to attack Edge straight away, showing just how much Vickie means to him. The Cena save was predictable after what we saw earlier with Cena and Edge. Honestly, this exact segment would have been the perfect way to open the show.

Seemed a bit too soon after what happened before for these four to reappear, maybe the US Title Match could have came here, but the crowd would have been buzzed after the previous segment so it makes sense. I drew a lot of similarities between this match and Bourne/Kozlov, as both have very similar dynamics, but it was good to make this match look more even with Primo getting in some decent offence and making the Tag champions not look weak. Jackson winning after a distraction was booking 101, but the thought of the steps going into Carlito's knees seemed a bit cringe.

Finish that Hardy feud off in style.

I was truly shocked to see this result for the United States Title Match; R-Truth was the man I was certain WOULD NOT win, but you've gone a route many people would not have done, so I look forward to seeing what you do with him as champion because it seems like he's going to have a lot of people coming after him given all of the ECW guys that were drafted onto Smackdown. MVP heel turn, maybe? He is a much, much better heel than face so I wouldn't blame you for going down that road.


Big main event here, and good to see Matt Hardy being able to hang with the big boys again for the second week in a row. Jeff getting involved was predictable but also the right thing to do following the previous events of the show. Cena pinning Big Show hopefully leaves Show out of the title picture as really shouldn't be there... ever. This match shows a more fresh feeling main event, even though there is Cena, Edge and Show, you have guys like the Hardys, possibly now MVP, as well as Christian all ready to climb up the card so the future looks bright in that sense. No awards for predicting what was going to happen after the match. "Vintage" Edge with the post-match Spear on Cena, and leaves on a great note for next week, nice ending to the show.

Good show man, everything was advanced well and a couple of matches announced for Backlash; that card is stacking up pretty well and there will be a couple more big matches to come I am sure. Only gripe about this show really was the ordering of some of the segments but other than that a very solid Smackdown. You've got me looking forward to the next one, keep going dude
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