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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

JAM's Review

RAW Feedback
Likin' the decision of appointing Ric Flair as your RAW GM, he'll definitely be an interesting choice as you have Orton and HHH both being former stablemates of his. I think Flair will certainly add something to that feud which I don't think is over quite yet. I like that you're giving Kofi a chance for the title but I don't think Kofi wins later on tonight but it'll be a great opportunity for Kofi to shoot up the card. Hoping you do allow him into the main event to give us something fresh, always good to have that once in a while.

Big fan of Knox here so I was hoping he'd be the one feuding with Mysterio. But I love William Regal as well and I'm glad you're giving him a chance too. Seems that he's reformed the Blue Bloods, yeah? I can already tell that I'm going to like this feud a whole lot. Hopefully you don't forget about Mike Knox though as I think he could've done so much better in his WWE run.

Wow, I see what you're doing here and I'm lovin' it! You take two legends such as Jericho and HBK and take two very promising young guys in Miz and Morrison and have them pair up. This is genius imo, I can't wait for what's in store for Miz and Morrison later on down the road. Their careers will definitely take a leap with Jericho and HBK by their sides. Or well even if HBK taking Morrison under his wing isn't final as of now, I believe it will be soon so I'm hoping for the best. Love this segment

Beth, Mickie, and Melina spearheading the divas division? This is exactly what needed to happen to give the divas division more credibility. You have three ladies who can go in the ring and put on a good match with each other. It's a question why WWE never did this but I'm hoping that you capitalize on this and give us a decent division.

More Punk/Kane? Hope it doesn't last long to be honest. Interesting that you have Swagger in this match. I think they could've put on a great match if given more time. Swagger is another person who you can give an opportunity to but not quite yet. Just build him up a little and push him gradually. As for Punk, I'm expecting big things from him for his cash-in, whether he do it as a heel or face is what interests me the most.

Oh wow, McIntyre and McGuiness? This is even better than I thought! European Championship, interesting. Keep the IC Title though, it's better. Draft coming up, should be good.

Ending was a great visual. You had Legacy looking strong after their loss earlier in the night and you made Kofi Kingston look really good after aiding HHH against Orton and Legacy. I see big things for Kofi in this thread and I hope that continues on. Don't know how you'll keep Kofi relevant since we have Orton vs. HHH set for Backlash but I'm sure you'll find a way.

Overall, really enjoyable RAW even if it was in recaps. You gave enough detail for it to be a good show. Looking forward to all the fresh faces in their respective divisions, that's something new definitely. Again, I'm looking forward to Miz & Jericho/HBK and Morrison a lot. Don't disappoint me now Good job!

Hmm, kind of a hit and miss opening for Smackdown. For your shows, I think you'd want a great opening segment or a match to really liven up the crowd. Here, it just felt a little flat with Long announcing matches and then a random match between Bourne and Kozlov. A big fan of Bourne so I was happy that he had some time but I knew he was just gonna job. Not sure Kozlov ever got on the mic and when he did, he usually never said much so maybe that's something to change. Not really a fan of Kozlov so I'm hoping you don't push him, just imo. But the matches that Teddy announced are sure to be big, looks to be a good main event later on. Kind of flat here as well with Edge interacting with Cena. I like that you had Edge come in all innocent but we all know that this could be a ploy. But yeah, the segment felt kind of flat but that's fine I guess, we'll just see what happens in the main event.

You have some decent divas on Smackdown as well, good to see that to be honest. The divas division could really be something but I'm not quite sure how long you'll keep both the divas and women's titles, but I'm liking what you're doing so far.

Was hoping that Christian vs. Jeff would've been done in a little more detail but what you did was fine. Jeff showing his anger here was good, I expect Jeff to show up in the main event somehow and cost his brother the match or maybe after the match. Or not, Matt takes care of Jeff here. To repeat it again, we've seen Matt vs. Jeff already and it was decent but here's hoping that you make it better than in real life man.

Haha the Colon's were a really good tag team so it was a shame their WWE run was short-lived. The tag team division on Smackdown is definitely heating up with these two teams plus you have others on there as well. What Kendrick had to say was good as he was always a pretty good promo man, better than London in their Hooligan days. So I'm looking forward to their imminent feud that's approaching.

Poor Vickie here but Edge was spot on. You portray him as being manipulative and angry which is exactly what Edge is which got him the name, “The Rated-R Superstar.” But his feud with Show looks boring to me. Maybe it's just me but I'm just not a big fan of Show so hopefully it doesn't drag out too long because Edge belongs in the main event and should be feuding with someone else. Having Cena save Edge here was pretty interesting since they're opponents at Backlash but that just speaks of Cena's character here so good booking move.

The main event was exactly how I thought it would be. But shouldn't Show and Matt win since Jeff came in and started brawling with his brother? But anyway, Edge spearing Cena and getting the last laugh was exactly what needed to happen to further this feud with Edge and Cena. They've had many battles in the past so I'm hoping this one is just as good.

Overall, it was a decent Smackdown show. A lot of things advanced especially with the Hardys feud and Cena/Edge. I do think you need to write the matches in more detail since you give us matches that are supposedly over ten minutes, just a thought man. Anyway, good job, onto the next!

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