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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Been waiting for this for sometime. Let's get crackin'!

The cold open is perfect especially considering the darker tone this episode has. This whole opening promo is absolutely brilliant. I love the cult-like discipline that the legion has (Doane kneeling down when being accepted into the legion, Lashley being disciplined by Jericho for losing). It gives Jericho a real eerie and uncomfortable aura to him that is simply awesome. I especially love when Jericho lists off the fate of all his previous victims. Danielson being the noble hero is also great and another nice touch is Danielson acknowledging that he was frustrated at Shawn Michaels' neglect. Little touches like that make characters much more relatable are great. Danielson-Jericho? Too awesome!

- Carlito/Punk was a good match to both show off Carlito and give Punk a match. Punk selling the back was great as was the fact that Mexicools were pissed about Carlito's comments. I was actually pretty surprised, not so much at the fact that Punk won but the fact that Carlito lost..

- Finlay's interview was short and sweet. I believe that since his feud with Joe seemed to end prematurely, it will resume, intertwined with Jericho..

- I am loving what you're doing with Kofi. This has to be the best handling I've EVER seem of Kofi. It's not easy, but it just shows why, in my opinion you're one of the best character writers I've ever seen on this forum..

- The Mercenaries as a heel version of the APA has been great and it's looks like they'll be having a few matches with the Mexicools. Carlito in the mix will make it even better..

- Hassan getting his heat back is good and his rematch with Punk should be fine as well..

- Heyman's promo is something I was really looking forward to. Not just for an explanation of his turn, but to see how you wrote him as a heel. Needless to say, you didn't disappoint. His mannerisms are on point. I also like that he still doesn't agree with Jericho, but goes with the idea that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. This is obviously far from over..

- Considering that none of the four guys in the segment are really good talkers you did well with the tag segment and setting up for the future..

- DAT MAIN EVENT. Awesome. Just Awesome. The closest thing I can compare it to is Jeff Hardy vs .Undertaker Ladder Match in 2002. However, this is done much, MUCH, better..
A. It's much more personal..
B. Danielson has actually been a featured wrestler and even a champion. Much more believable that he might win..
C. This match was just INCREDIBLE! I really thought he would win for a second, just great work man..

- I actually forgot about Joe because of the match. Joe in the World Title picture looks to be incredible.

Overall, once more just great work. I know you might be getting demotivated but I don't know if there is anyone on this forum who's work I enjoy reading more. Hell, you're the reason I started my new btb. So keep up the good work man, if you're up to it..
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